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Posted on 09/16/2017
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Old Fashion Man Seeking Same
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I am a divorced man that is old fashion, meaning that I highly adore and respect women, I do not drink or go to clubs/bars, I have no tattoos or piercings. and I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ, I am very forward and blunt, what I mean by that is I will tell you the truth, if the truth hurts you I am sorry, but there is a saying " I would rather hurt you with the truth than burn you with a lie" that is how I am. I will not try to slide a lie to make it sound truthful. I respect women too much to lie to just to "get a wife" I am an open book, all you have to do is ask and I will tell you what you would like to know of me. I am not Tom Cruise or Matt Damon, I am me. a Hispanic man that is 5' 10" short black/grey hair, brown eyes (I wear glasses) I weigh 220 lbs. I am on many other dating sites, all with no results, not because I am picky, it is because the women on there only wish to drain my money with endless letters or video chat. I am not here to be played or toyed with, I ask myself "why is it so hard to find a true woman?" I can not find the answer. every dating website I joined in has stunning beautiful women, but not one I would pick as a wife, to me women that "show off" their body parts just to entice a man, is not a woman in my eyes. being a Christian, that is not what I am looking for. if I have an option of choosing a wife from a model, bar girl, or a farming girl, I would have to pick the farming girl. she has the most respect for herself than all the others combined, ( my opinion of course.) I am looking for a woman that is reserved in "being a woman", a woman that has honesty, respect, trust, faithfulness, modesty and honour. a woman that does not mind if I help with things around the house, a woman that does not mind being called beautiful, even when she thinks she is not. a woman that does not mind holding hands just walking down the street, don't mind me brushing her hair, or just relaxing and talking about whatever she has on her mind. I would like the woman to be herself and not be shy, if you have something to ask or say, then do it****munication is also key. talking to each other is the way to know more of each other. in the old days here in America, men used to walk on the outside (closer to the road) to keep his woman from harm, from what I see nowadays that is not happening, many men treat women as a possession instead of a part of them. I want to be as one, not a man and woman, but a team (husband and wife) that knows how to treat each other as they should be treated. I would love to find a woman that has an opinion of herself or other things, one that has a mind to think and not be shy about telling me, a woman that knows how to dress as a woman, not advertise her assets. one that is also a Christian, and knows what being a Christian means. maybe I am asking for too much from a woman, but is it not so, that women too are looking for a certain type of man she is hoping to find? The picture on here is with my granddaughter, I have 3 grown children and my oldest child has 2 of her own, a girl, and a boy. so I know what the meaning of being a dad is. I adore my children/grandkids very much. now it is time for me to find my love and make life sweeter with her being next to me.
Looking for:
An honest, god fearing Christian woman, a woman that knows how to actually dress as a woman, not a woman of the night. one that likes to smile and laugh, be herself and enjoys having her mans arm around her to show her how much she means to him. to teach each other the customs of each other's countries. to also teach the language and foods. I want a woman that loves where she is (Philippines), I would love to live there, seen many youtube videos and it looks lovely and exciting. I am hoping to find a woman that is not into the club/bar scene. a woman that has a heart that can withstand any storm we encounter, a woman that can be a guide and a companion as well as a great talker of her countries history, I would love to know first hand of how your country came about. I would also like to hear her thoughts of herself and where she wishes to be in the upcoming years, I am not looking for a pen-pal, I am tired of just getting excuses from women in other dating sites, so I thought I would give this site a chance. I am a man that humbles himself many times, but there is a limit one can humble one's self. just be yourself, please.
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5' 10"
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With kids
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The life of the party, Home Body, Social Butterfly, Better in small groups
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Home and Family
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Yes - at home full-time
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Not political
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Friendly, Clever / Quick Witted, Goofy, Slapstick, Other
Family, Reading, Religion, Cooking, Computers / Internet, Gardening, Crafts, Health / Fitness
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