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Tagaytay, Philippines
Philippine girls for marriage
5' 8"
A little gray
Caucasian (white)
Professional life
Some college
Employment status:
Arts, Dining, Listening to music, Photography, Travel, Cooking
Searching for real love
Looking for:

Please allow me to introduce myself.

But before I do PLEASE if you are thinking about asking me for money for ANY reason forget it, delete my profile and cross me off your list! I wasn't born yesterday and I'm not a bank or an ATM.
If this doesn't apply to you please ignore it and don't get offended. This is an intro letter, it wasn't written for anyone in particular and is not aimed at you. Sadly 80% of the women on FC are only here to ask for money.

Now if you are still here let me continue,,,,,,,,,,
My name is James / Jim (or even Jimmy if you like).
I'm a retired American living in the Philippines for over 4 years now. I live in Tagaytay, Cavite. You have most likely heard of it, but if not. it's on Luzon on the Taal lake mountain about 50 km south of Manila.
Obviously I see your profile on Cupid and you fit, at least roughly, into my search. I've tried not to bother anyone who misses by more than one red dot though it might be 2 more minor points.
I did take the liberty of expanding the ages stated by a bit. I am 62.
If you have no interest then I wish you all the best and sincerely hope that you find all of the dots with someone luckier than I.
If you would like to ask me anything, and I do mean anything, please don't hesitate or worry that I might be offended,,, I won't. I will answer with 100% honesty no matter what the question is, no matter what the answer is.
I value honesty and loyalty above all else. If you should become my partner you will find that I never lie, cheat or play any kind of mind games. After all I am looking for someone who will be my equal partner, lover, mate and above all my best friend. No power trips or control BS no games at all.
I should mention 2 things in the name of honesty

I am not at all religious. That said I really don't care if my partner is religious or not, or what religion they might follow.

I am single, never married, no children.
I am not planning to have children.

I'm looking for someone between 22 – 35 with no children and OK with not having any.
I'm somewhat flexible on the ages but not on the children.

If you do have any interest please drop me a line here in Cupid or to my email
Please, Please, Please read my profile first,,, I assure you I read your profile before sending this.

Thank you so much for your time
Jim or James or even Jimmy ;-D

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