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United Arab Emirates
Positive thoughts create positive life
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When I was Young, I Believe In Everything, I Believe In Angels, Fairies And Mermaids Maybe Because I Was A Sap For Fairy Tales. My Outlook In Life Was Simple And Fun.Nothing Interest Me More Than Dolls, Ice Cream, Lollipop, Cakes And Teddy Bears. I Was Living My Own Fairy Tale. My Mama And Papa Are The King And Queen, My Brothers As The Prince's And My Sisters As The Princesses And Of Course Me As The Beloved Pretty Princess Of The Kingdom. The Threats Of Evil Beasts And Witches Never Bother Me. After All, My Family Was My Security Blanket And My Castle Was My Sanctuary. 29 Years Later, I Am Still A Believer. Although My Castle Has Somehow Turned Into A Simple But Cozy Home, My Parents And My Brothers And Sisters Were Still The Same Majestic People. But I Realized That Life Was Not As Simple As I Used To Think It Was. I Encountered Fears, Doubts And Suspicious In My Heart. But Nevertheless, I Also Gained Friendships, Knowledge, And Experience.In The Future, I Would Still Be On My Way Towards My Destiny, Towards My Happiness Ever After Life. I Will Optimistically Accept Each Challenge I Am Going To Face And Reach Road I Have To Tread With Fortitude, Humility And Renewed Faith I Possess.
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This is me your future wife.I don't know you yet and probably if you'll be given a chance, maybe you will choose not to know or acquaint me. You know what, I've been waiting for you all this time. Hoping that one day while I was walking you will suddenly come across my path and from that, we will feel the so-called "magical moment" where everything seems to stop, where everything seems to be just between you and me. But I know this will never happen because you will not take the moment for sure. I am not your type of girl. I'm just a potato, that's for real. I know that when you see me, you will just ignore me, you will just roll your eye and turn around. I know I'm not an ideal woman. I know I didn't suit the standards you've been looking for because I'm just a typical woman, a woman that you will not be proud of.

But you know, either you will like it or not, I will be your wife. I will be your lifetime partner. How unlucky you are, right? But let me say this to you, though I'm not the woman who you want to be with, though I'm not the one you expect to come, I'll assure that you will never regret the fact that you're mine. I will make sure that in everything I do, I say, I think, it will be good for you, it will be especially for you.

I can be you shoulder to cry on. I will share every laughters with you. I will cherish every moment we had. I will make you feel that you're living some kind of miracle. I will shout the whole world about how much I love you, how much I am drowning with you're mysterious eyes, how much I'am willing to spend my life with you and it's FOREVER.

I know you may think several times why I'm the one for you, but I will make you feel every time that I was the perfect girl for you. I promise with all my heart and my soul that I won't hurt you, I won't make you feel that you are my least priority, and I won't ask you to do love me, letting me to love you is enough. I will give you everything that you want, even it will cost my life. I will offer anything I have, I will give you my all.

As what I'm repeatedly saying, I'm not the ideal woman, I'm not like those girls you see on TV, I don't have luxurious things in the world but there's one thing about me that I can be proud of: I CAN and I WILL LOVE YOU no matter how many storms will come in our way, no matter how many nightmares we will sink into, no matter how many people will say you don't deserve someone like me and no matter how much it will cost me, as what I've said even my life.

Lastly, I want you to know that I'm doing my very best and striving hard for me to be worthy of your love. I'm currently building up the better version of myself who is deserving for someone like you. I will be a woman who will be a good wife to you and a good mother to our children, this I promise you.

I know there's one in a million chance that you will read this, it's very impossible that you will know it's you. But there's one thing I can assure you, God will engrave this message to your heart and fate will make a way for us to recognize each other through this letter in the near future.

So, Goodbye for now! I hope that l will see you soon and I wish that when the right time comes, you will accept me for being me, you will love me for who I am.

Loving you sincerely,

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5' 2"
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With roommate(s)
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Somewhat shy
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Reality show addict, Soaps, soaps, soaps
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Single / Never married
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Friendly, Clever / Quick Witted, Campy / Cheesy
Arts, Community Service, Family, Listening to Music, Photography, Religion, Travel, Television, Health / Fitness
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