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Posted on 01/18/2018

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Kind, Caring, Understanding, Loyal, Romantic
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I am a mature and family-minded woman. Among my merits and qualities you will certainly find those which are so desirable for a man in his future wife. I am a very caring and loving, loyal and easy-going, humorous and joyful, kind and attentive, passionate and playful. My mood never depends on the weather and even if it is cold and rainy outside I always stay optimistic and smiling.....

Communication between partners is very important. Two things must be present. A person must be willing to say what is really in their brains; the other person to listen; other people should really care what their partner said. I'm not jealous woman. I think that jealousy can show that someone - that is unsure about their relationship with each other. This could be caused by poor communication, mistrust, dishonesty. Honestly, I do not have much experience with jealousy. Sometimes I wonder about your daily life. Things like when you sleep, you stretch, or do you like to sleep, curled? Do you like one pillow or two? When you and I sleep together, you will rely on my chest? You will sleep with your arm around me? We will sleep in a position where I'm going to have your back, my arm around you. I think about stupid things too. How will you and I decorate our bedroom? Will you and I share the same bottle of shampoo? I know that it is still very early; maybe I should not ! dream of certain events but you cannot always be controlled by the views of the work. I also think that sometimes it is important to make it a special time between a man and a woman. Prepare bedroom with flowers, scents, candles and champagne. This is - the time where two people give of themselves. This should be a special time. Time that should be celebrated. If I'm honest with you; I dreamed of separating these moments with you when this - the proper time in our relationship
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