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Posted on 01/04/2017

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United Kingdom
Christian guy seeks genuine Christian girl
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Hi I'm jason, I was born in a small town called Burnley in the north of England and I live currently in Manchester, England. I am also degree qualified and have. A TEFL. This always me to teach English to students from oversees
I' m looking for a girl with a big heart for the Lord, someone who would be accepting of me and all my giftings and someone who has a similar heart to myself to reach out to the lost in the same way I do. Not only that but I want to be with a girl who is loyal in nature and will be committed in us both growing in Jesus Christ together. I'm praying that God will use this dating website to draw me to a girl who puts God first in everything, who views marriage the same way that I do(a partnership for the sake of getting the gospel out to the nations) and who would be a good 'fit' for me and be complimentary to my character.

As a Christian I do take my faith seriously and I am always trying to grow and improve myself with the hope of becoming all that god wants me to be. My philosophy on life is that you should put effort into everything you do, so you can improve yourself as a person, reap success in life and get to where you want to go. I feel that sometimes God is waiting to see what we will do for ourselves before he steps in and determines our walk in life. I also love discussions about the bible and I think intellectually about the point of discussion in church study groups. I am often inquisitive, to further my own understanding and that of the groups. I have been told by people that they feel encouraged when I do this.

I also love to engage in prayer and prefer to pray out loud. I've never been shy or withdrawn during prayer time and I do feel that this area of my spiritual life falls into the gift of encouragement that a God has graciously given to me.
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