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Posted on 02/05/2018

General Details
I am:
Seeking a:
United States
Adventurer who LOVES Travels
In my own words:
CON (BAD about me = probably not what you are interested in):
I do not want to get married and do not want to have my own children
Many people grow up wanting to be married & have children
I have never felt these feelings – Why ???….

Family & Children::
I have never been married & have no children
My parents have died, I have no brothers or sisters
My friends and their children (mostly grown, some with children of their own, ARE My Family

CON: I want you to know upfront: I am not a piggy bank. I have respect for anyone who messages me, no ask for picture/video/etc , please have the same respect for me: Do not ask for Chocolates, Money or Load. Let us show each other respect! Please show ME the same respect you ask OF me!

Very short trips at first- learn if we travel together well, and learn about each other
A gift I have to offer if Interested – Travel See some of the WORLD & meet foreign people
I am hoping to find someone I very much enjoy talking to, they enjoy being with me and they want to travel
I have MUCH passion for traveling- these is so much world to see and so little time
I would like to meet someone that would love to travel with me as much as they have the time to do so.
Travel to where YOU want to go, not just where I want to go!
Learn about and meet people in foreign lands
I also think that if you travel, you will make sure your children and their children and their children will want to also.
A Gift to future generations, some you may not ever see.
I travel a lot and I mostly travel alone. Maybe someone is interested in being with me
If you are young enough and not in a hurry to marry and have children, I think Travel can help prepare you for your
future thinking. If you are in a hurry, then I am not right for you 

 If you have gotten this far and still have an interest, this is more of who I am: The “good stuff” in My Opinion 

If I find a woman I really really really like and we have much in common that would be
I am a VERY faithful man when I a relationship
GOOD (I think):
“Frank” person: I am being called a “Frank” Person:
“Hellos” are nice 
But I need someone Interested in learning WHO I am and sharing WHO YOU ARE
I will ALWAYS tell the TRUTH and hope you will too.
You can always stop chatting if you do not like what I am. It is the internet, easy to RUN away
No fast track to Trust and Learning about each other

I do not speak Tagalog or ANY OTHER language, I cannot learn languages
It is MY JOB/Responsibility to LEARN to understand what you are saying
It is NOT YOUR job/responsibility to speak English better
Mostly: It will take much time and typing for us to understand what we mean
Sometimes I use Google’s translation: to help YOU TO understand ME and ME to understand YOU

CHILDREN: maybe yours & my friend’s,:
I love kids (other peoples):
Many of my friends have children, many grown up now, some have their own children
Many I have known since they were very young and we are still friends today 
LOVE them very very much and talk often with them.

Being Smart is NOT having a school education or degree
Most people are smart in many other, more important ways
Education can help one to earn more Money and maybe a job of their dreams
I believe the GREATEST gift a parent or future parent can offer their family is Education
Then their children see it is important and their children see it is important and their children see it is important ….

CON (you may think not good):
Unconditional Love:
I am not interested in meeting any woman with romantic interests looking for “unconditional”.
I believe unconditional can only be felt by a child for their parents
I wish more parents felt unconditional live for their children- this would be a nicer world to live in, I think.

It will take TIME and much typing for us to LEARN about each other and to TRUST each other
I will not be surprised if no one responds to me
I believe I have MUCH to offer, except marriage, but know you may disagree
What I may have to offer is helping you to better prepare for when you meet that man you want to start a family
May help prepare you to raise your children in a different world than you might have, had you not met me.
I could be VERY wrong about everything I have written here, except the part about being faithful.
I look forward to meeting and chatting with anyone that has gotten this far into my profile
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