Mr. Don't give a FUCK

How you can show to your colleague that you're really fed-up of him and his fucking stupid ideas and his fucking attitude which your job makes even more difficult that it is?! I mean how to do that but on nice way?!
Did you ever wonder how to do that?
If you're I have short explanation and you can use it. It works. It's proven.

So, listen:

It's not that I'm not interested! It's not that I don't like my job! 'coz I'm interested really I'm, much more than you can even imagine! but I just don't give a FUCK about you and your fucking ideas! That's why maybe seems that I'm not interested! So from the time now you don't even try to talk to me 'coz surely I don't be hear you!
Hope you are! 'coz next time if you will try to bullshit me I will FUCKING KILL YOU!

This is sometimes and for some people the only way how you can explain them that they are fucking assholes and that they really don't deserve any kind of respect! This is for them NICE way! Because there is always someone who is really FUCKING ASSHOLE and who really don't deserve to be alive!
Sound crazy, sounds cruel but ISN'T!

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