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Human desire is too much, too much. For that, it might be difficult for us if we have to realize all of these desires. It will be easier if we make and even write the boundaries clearly, so that we know what to do and to what extent the struggle we are doing. So that we also know, to what extent is the fighting limit. So that we are also easier to make decisions.

However, we often never set clear boundaries. We often even cross the limits of normal people's minds.

Indeed, experience will make us understand what the root of our problems is, our confusion in making decisions and choices in life. This includes choosing a partner, what criteria are considered sufficient. But be aware, it can actually be set a long time ago.

If life is not managed properly, we think of it as flowing water without knowing its source, in the end our inability to manage life's problems will arise, heaps of problems because we do not create boundaries in our own lives.+639297170940

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