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Posted on 01/28/2012

General Details
I am:
Seeking a:
United Kingdom
In my own words:
I am an engineer who works for a company contracted to work in Afghanistan. I will be here untill June 2012 then plan to visit the Philippines to look at long term prospects. I love my job and the guys I work with although at times it can become a little hectic.
I'm now single after once being married and have a son who is in his final year of his Phd back in England. I class myself as a typical 'Man's Man' having spent time in the military. I'm not an ogre and do like the finer things life has to offer. I enjoy the usual suspects like sport, beer, smoking and trying to cook. I like to keep things clean if not particulaly tidy. I dress casual but can smarten up when need too. I like to think of myself as honest and definitely loyal. These are qualities I also look for in a person. I do not have 'Baggage' nor do I wish to pick any up.
If you would like to know more then please ask.
Looking for:
A person I can completely trust. Even when your in love trust is sometimes hard to find. Someone who is dependable, who doesn't fold if the going gets tough. Also who can be my best friend. Who has a sense of humour because I love to laugh. Who doesn't get jealous easily, I like to get socially involved with other people, nothing else...!
Someone 30/45 years old. Slender and tall. Speaks good English.
I'm not looking for an angel, just someone who can be themselves. No golddiggers or time wasters please. I've met to many of them. I can usually spot you a mile off.
Body type:
5' 11"
Light Brown
Caucasian (white)
Home and Family
Professional Life
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