Pros & Cons For Marrying Philippine Ladies

Marry Philippine ladies

Marrying Philippine ladies has become a well-known phenomenon in the last few years. There are thousands of marriages from Filipina girls with Western men every year. This article will let you know some pros and cons of getting a Philippine wife.

Marry Philippine ladies

Marry Philippine ladies

I have to tell you one truth about this. A Filipina lady accepts to marry with an older husband for 15, 20, 25 years or even older. You are wondering why they are willing to do so. Are they happy? There are a continued growth of these single women in the Philippines sign up online to find oversea husbands. As a Western man who plans to find a foreign wife, you are wondering of many things. I understand your doubt. Are they going for a divorce after they became permanent residents in the new country? Some do and some don’t.

Good life is the main reason that ladies from Philippine choose to marry Western men. However, it is not about they marry for money. No, that’s not true. They are not looking for rich guys. In fact, most Western men who marry these ladies are not rich at all. If they are wealthy, they won’t go to find foreign girls, you know? Anyway, Filipina girls want to come to a rich country such as America, Canada, Australia etc so they can work and make money.

They don’t care how poor you are because in fact they don’t want your money. They want your love and the way to work in the land of opportunities (Filipino people dream about this). They are good people. After they come to the West, they also help their relatives. This is why you have to accept it. However, they don’t need your money to support their family. They are the ones who can work and support for their relatives.

Philippine women are attracted to Western guys. They can adapt to any situation. Dating and marrying a Westerner is a dream of every young Filipina single girl when she grows up. So, you can see what some pros and cons are from this article.

Author: Jenny LamJenny Lam
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  1. Funny, after reading some of the comments… I woudl like to share some experiences in which a friend of mine married a Filipina. She kept the truth from him after they were married that she had a child from a previous relationship. She expected him to support her and her child. Due to the dishonesty, a divorce was set in motion. In the end, the courts ordered her husband to pay a nice lump sum. He lost most of his money to a point he had to borrow from his family. Yet, after the divorce, she was set for life and living comfortably with her child. So let me get this straight, she basically has a lovely life set for herself off of my friend’s money. Men are blind and foolish. There are other women around the world who are caring, beautiful, loyal, and not money grabbers. Filipinas are overrated and those who believe they truly love…they love your pocket and bank accounts. Men allow their fantasies to dominate reality.

    Another thing, recently my asshole husband demanded a divorce after being married 7 years. He came from the UK and lived with me in Canada. He didn’t work one day in 5.5 years. Went back to UK…waited until time passed by Canadian law to demand a divorce. I remained in Canada due to health problems. My asshole husband flew to the Philippines shortly after demanding a divorce and yet has not served me with any documents. I am disgusted, appalled, and the prick even sent me two pictures where he went out to eat with these Filipina women and even paid their dinner. How sweet and generous. Funny when he was here in Canada, he didn’t come out for my birthday with my friends to have a meal and yet while he was in my country, I fed him, I worked, and I treated him like a husband. He was cruel to me and announced a divorce to justify this trip which was planned “prior” to the demanded divorce. He made some bullshit story saying someone sold him their airline ticket from Cathay Pacific and only paid $250 for a two week trip? Such a fucking liar and piece of shit. I believe he flew there with his mistriss and stayed with “her” family. He was even stupid enough to tell my family member that he paid their dinner because they offered him hospitality and the family belonged to his friend from the UK. The bullshit just never ends. Pure scum! I can only wish for justice and to be treated like garbage because some Filipina showed this asshole attention….is downright disgusting. Since the end of April, I still have not been served divorce papers and he intends on leaving me no money either the fucking bastard. I can only hope that justice will be served and his prefabricated love with this Filipina will hit him hard one day, and I am sure she will clean him out really good!

    I”m out and this is my take on the subject.


  2. filpino women are very loyal and loving unlike 75% of american women , if you wish to be with a filipina , first you must go there and meet there family and dont be cheap. filipinas dont care about poverty , they are a custom to that , and a good guy does think of them of property either. if you are not or can not be a loving husband dont bother , they do have a heavy spanish traits , which is good as far as i am concerned.

  3. This is why women want out of the Philippines… They are kept in their place and not treated as their own people. All girls in the Philippines dream of a western man? Their only way to find themselves is to get away from poverty, sexism, and the treating of women as property- ironically by becoming a western man’s property.

  4. why no recent posts? my bank does not allow online payments to overseas dateing companies, that’s how bad ripoffs have been… there a us based dating site or do i have to start one myself.

  5. I have got all good things about my Philippine wife, really. She is fresh like a new bride every night. She prepares daily meals. She does all errands. She is not lazy at all times. Well, she is a perfect wife. The way that she speaks English turns me one, you know, with an accent, etc…

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