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Posted on 03/10/2013
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United States
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I believe in attrraction at first sight but true love takes time and must be cultivated and nurtured. Seeking a GENTLE woman that love God
Looking for:
I am a successful professional; optimistic and passionate in all aspects of my life. I care very deeply about my work, exercise weekly, love spending time with my son and enjoy an active social life (there is so much to do here and abroad how could anyone ever be bored?). Nevertheless, I am still left with a great deal of energy for, and abiding interest in finding, the one thing that I am missing in my life: a long-term relationship hopefully leading to something permanent. While I have as much need for time alone as most people I want a situation where spending time together is the norm, rather than the exception. A once-a-week dinner, movie and a sleep-over does not represent a complete relationship to me. If two people enjoy each others company one expects that they would want to maximize their time together. Sometimes just looking up and seeing that particular someone across the room is all that it takes to make me happy, even if we are engaged in different activities. I am comfortable expressing my thoughts and feelings and like frequent communications with my partner. Few things are more uplifting than receiving loving emails throughout the day and phone calls when apart. Affection, when one is lucky enough to find it, is continuous. To place this in context, unless I am asleep, in a plane, a meeting or a legal proceeding, you will never have to wait long to hear back from me. I am not interested in simultaneous, or a series of casual, relationships. There are other Internet sites available for casual affairs. Rather, I would like to invest my energy in building a lasting relationship with someone who already appears to be a close fit. Practically speaking, this means that at an obvious stage of dating you won’t have to ask if I am seeing anyone else; I won’t be. I think that I have a very good idea of who I am, what it is that I am looking for and have to offer the right woman. I am interested in meeting someone who is equally self-assured, who knows herself and what it is that she is looking for in a man. There are many women out there with interesting lives to share (and you may have found the same to be true with the variety of men who have shown interest in you). There are, however, three qualities in which I am particularly interested in a prospective long-term companion that guide my choice: 1) brains; 2) disposition; and 3) chemistry. I strongly prefer the company of intelligent and well-educated women (although there is overlap, the two are not the same). No matter how emotionally and physically charged the connection between two people most of a relationship will involve conversation. The breadth and depth of that discourse, by and large, will determine the success or failure of the relationship. Also, I find that brainpower is intrinsically sexy. I am looking for a woman who is optimistic, energetic and bright in all aspects of her life. “Vivacious” and “cheerful” are adjectives describing a complementary match for me. Every one of us has suffered romantic setbacks in our lives or else we would not be here seeking a partner. The ability to maintain a joy for life in the face of these setbacks is very important to me. Chemistry, obviously, is essential. Nothing else will compensate if it is absent. I define chemistry as the interplay between two individuals’ physical appearance and charisma. Both physical attractiveness and charisma must be present, though to a certain degree an abundance of one can make up for a deficit in the other. Chemistry also encompasses physical compatibility, an essential component of a relationship lasting beyond a certain length of time. When these three qualities are present a couple can connect intellectually, personally and physically. Such a three-fold connection represents my ideal in the long-term relationship that I seek
Body type:
5' 7"
Caucasian (white)
Living Situation:
With kids
Social Setting:
Comic Relief, Social Butterfly, Home Body, Somewhat shy, The life of the party
TV Watching:
Documentaries, Movies, Reality show addict
Home and Family
Marital Status:
Have Kids:
Yes - at home full-time
Want (more) kids:
Not sure
Professional Life
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Construction / Craftsman
$75,000 to $99,999
Christian / Catholic
Attend Services:
Political Views:
Sense of Humor:
Clever / Quick Witted, Friendly
Playing Music, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Travel, Watching Sports, Reading, Listening to Music, Movies, Family, Dancing, Arts
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