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Brisbane, Australia
Philippine girls for marriage
5' 11"
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Caucasian (white)
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Playing music, Crafts, Cooking, Reading, Photography, Listening to music, Movies, Family, Arts
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Hello, I'm friendly, caring and devoted.
I believe in respect and appreciation and respect everyone, I have over 1000 interests and had many hobbies, so therefore I am a polymath, much like the national hero Dr Jose Rizal was, I highly respect him for what he contributed to the cause in trying to help obtain a voice for the Filipino people and spread news on the injustices that were being done at the time, which in the end began the revolution, I have a deep understanding and knowledge of the history that happened in the Philippines.

In those many 1000 interests, a large number relate to the Philippines, everything from the history , to the old mestizo architecture, to even the culture.
There are many things I know and love about the Philippines, though, I have also interests relating to other places and other topics, again history takes a big part of that too, and as well as design, and construction.

yes there are some interests over here in Australia such as the old architecture of many styles, I'm not really one for minamallistic concrete and glass boxes though, i do enjoy creativity.

I am not one to be refereed to as a couch potato and do love to be creative , if that's on the computer or crafting up something with tools, such as a scale model or a piece of furniture, etc.
I'm not rich or wealthy, but am not like what would be refereed to as a typical Aussie man.
I am a bit of an old fashioned lover, I respect and am very appreciative.

I am a craftsman, a 3d modeler, a graphics artist, a and classic artist, to name some more.
I love hugs and cuddles, though it has been a long time since I last had one.
I have never been married, still single.
I am not a blank canvas to be painted over with a dream image of a guy by someone into something that I'm not, I am interested in someone who can love, respect and appreciate me as I am and not wish to try to change me to something that I am not as I would never wish to change anyone else.

Someone who will respect the idea of having good friends and net-work contacts, I have certain goals that I hope to one day be able to make real as I do hope to one day be able to do something to help make a difference in this world.

I also love Filipino food as well as Italian etc. hehe
I love to go out and eat either on Saturday or Sunday at kainan sa valley in fortitude valley, every week, if I can and have been for over 1. and a half years.

One of those hobbies can also relate to the 3d modeling or 3d virtual reconstructions of historic Philippine architecture, including the historic reconstruction of Intramuros as it was prior to WWII when it was the jewel of the orient and assorted other historic places in a virtual online 3d environment, for example.
I am also a writer at times.

I have been told by many friends from overseas that I'm basically a Filipino at heart, and as true as I feel I had left a piece of me back over there in 2010, during that only week I was there for, and hope to return one day.

I would also be interested if someone liked the idea of laying and resting there head / ear on a mans chest to listen to his heartbeat, if you believed that being romantic and or fun, but also if someone just wanted to feel relaxed and wanted to listen anytime, I would not mind that too :-)
There is a lot more that you can find out about me by messaging me and beginning a chat.

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