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I am a simple country girl who comes from the northern part of the philippines-living with my lola or grandma since I was only four months old when my parents got separated. I might have been unfortunate to have a good family background but im sure my grandma showed me that and took care and completed every empty spaces of me. For me Life is to short to be bitter. My grandma brought me up well and I am proud to be who I am now for I am sure i carry with me the traits of a real Filipina. I am a simple girl with simple ambitions in life who aims only for whats best for me and i strive hard to achieve them. I am not a material girl because it does not buy me my real happiness. I have a GOd and i believe we live for His pleasure and purpose. I am not perfect, I also have weaknesses and I make mistakes but I learned from them. I am an honest, trustworthy and humble woman with a loving heart-someone you can trust. I am straightforward. One of my ultimate goal is to have a simple, peaceful, happy and wholesome family life with a loving future husband and lovely kids. I believe that would not be possible without YOU. So if you think youre the one Ive been waiting for, email me at mari.benedine11 at G or simply add me at whatsapp with mobile nos. +639350919295 I am excited to know and meet you.. 
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Im turning 30 this year and I am afraid I havent found you so please read this. (: I don't know where am I gona meet you,or perhaps I've alrd met you before bt its just that I don't hv a clue who you are..we could hv evn been in th same school before bt again,I do nt have a clue..Either way,I just want you to know that if your heart is breaking right now,pls just hang in there.If someone you love right now,rejects your love,pls just hang in there.Because one day,we're gona meet and fall in love.believe in that..I want you to know that when that day comes when we sit side by side each other on wedding day,that you are the best choice I've evr made.You are the man I choose,to be the father to my kids..You are meant for me,and I for you and we'll go through this,together.We'll have two boy and one girl will have your smile and the boy will have like mine.Everyday when I wake up,I'll prepare breakfast for the whole family and we're gona go out on Sundays and spent quality time together playing kites with th kids or maybe just hving picnic.When you're watching soccer/basketball late at night,I promise I will sit beside you and accompany you.Even though Im sure Im gona yawn 1001 time,I will still force myself to stay awake so that you don't have to be alone.When you're going to work,I promise that I will be the last person you see.and when you come bck home from work,I promise that I will be th first person you see,waiting for you at the door with a smile.Bt then again my dear,marriage is not only about all th sweet stuffs.We're going to disagree,fight and cry.Bt at the end of the day,pls promise me you will work with me to make things better.Whatever obstacles we're gona face later,pls don't let me fight alone.Lets fight this together..My dear,a good man will always sacrifice himself for his family.I don't need you to be a millionaire or have lots of money in your bank account,bt just work hard for the family and have just enough income to support us.Of course,I would love it if you were to bring home a set of white gold jewellery for me every year on my birthday but I would love it MORE if you were to strive hard and always wanting th best for OUR family.My dear future husband,wherever you are right now,I'll pray to God to take good care of you until we meet..

...Please dont just click the interest button when you find me, please leave a message to know that you are indeed, interested! Thanx..
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English, Tagalog
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4' 9"
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With kids
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Home Body
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Movies, Documentaries, Channel Hopper
Home and Family
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Single / Never married
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Yes - at home full-time
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College Grad
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Clerical / Administrative
Christian / Catholic
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Friendly, Clever / Quick Witted, Campy / Cheesy, Goofy
Arts, Community Service, Dancing, Dining, Family, Movies, Listening to Music, Photography, Reading, Watching Sports, Travel, Cooking, Computers / Internet, Television, Playing Music, Health / Fitness
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