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Posted on 04/02/2020
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United States
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Black Man Addicted to filipino woman
In my own words:
I am Dominant at times yet can be Passive. Sexy outgoing smart and funny. a Cross between Cream Skin and Coffee make for an unbelievable Love match I am a happy man as I don't pretend in any way I am who I am.. I Find Attractive in a woman, Intelligence, Sensitivity, Boldness, Spontaneity, Wit, Thoughtfulness, Passiveness and extreme Passion. I am an only son I grew up with four sisters and had to assist to take care of them as they were spoiled. I watched them bring drama all the time, and any woman with Drama in her life can pass me by, no matter how beautiful she is..I also am not blind nor zealous so I will look at woman I find attractive from time to time, but I keep true to the one I am with. when you step to me be real, be yourself.
Looking for:
I don't think she exists. I am Very Independent I can feed clothe bathe and provide my own transportation. I am Extremely passionate you have no idea what your salivating fingers have brought you in the near time we meet... and if you don't mind I want to address this in a manner that may shake your body and when it does you will know what you must do next. Must be very s*xual in and out of the bedroom. Every moment we are near each other. Yes, and I said "out of the bedroom as well" I want to have your mind set back and picture this as if you were watching in unfold in life. you bring me home and as we talk you ask this man if he would like a drink,? as you are in the kitchen he comes up behind you and begins kissing your neck. and pushes you slightly off balance and begins kissing his way down the back of your neck, and down your spine up under your dress, and down the back of your left leg, lifting your Calve exposing the sole of your foot and kept kissing all the way down to the top of your toes. and slowly back again and as he passed the balls of your foot you curled them hard into his face and could feel a rush of cool air as I Inhaled your sweet scent and worked my way back up kissing and strokes of his tongue, to your lower spine and repeated this to your rite leg and foot.. and when I kissed and licked my way back up to your ass begun kissing down from the top of the crack of your sweet thick beautiful meaty ass long slow tender kisses working his way to your tasty nectarine. and pushed his face hard up in you, you could feel his tongue probing all the while your off-balance pushing back on to my face hard and you feel him pull your panties down and you don't relent. you arch your back offering me all of you to lick and mumble, I will give you a week to stop. and he begins long passionate hard slow deep strokes of the tongue from the top of your mound to the top of your ass crack and using my whole face and tongue without lifting my tongue runs it back and forth back to the top of your mound and back again with hard wide long strokes and all you can do is push back and wonder why it took so long to find a man who would want you day and night if you didn't run. Ooops... The dream is over. I hope you want to make this vision come true. I am Eddie and we are seeking one and other. if you are seeking a man who would always show his affection to you for you. I would make you proud to be mine. But a woman who can be true to her own natural Loving urges does not exist in this day as I have seen.
Body type:
6' 4"
African American (black)
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With roommate(s)
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Better in small groups, Flirt
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Home and Family
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Not sure
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Medical / Health Services
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Clever / Quick Witted, Friendly
Health / Fitness, Playing Sports, Gardening, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Theater, Photography, Movies, Dining, Arts
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