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Here are some successful love stories that our members sent to us. Thank you very much for cooperation.

Filipino dating

Hi admin at Filipinodatings.com,

I had to tell the truth. My online dating story does not go smoothly without some bumps along the way. First of all, I like to thank you for helping me find a beautiful Filipina in Manila, Philippines. She is perfect for me. I could not believe my eyes when I saw her in person. She is stunning and appealing. She is small and skinny. Her voice is sweet. Her traits are extraordinary. I love her very much.

I first saw her on your dating site three years ago (sorry I can't mention her name here). She is 27 years old and a single mom of one child. When I searched for Filipinas and there were many beautiful ladies appear that I signed up a profile right away. I didn't go back to the website until two days later. I received 8 responses and 4 of them were fake (I doubted they were scams), including my wife now. They were from 23 to 34 years old. To tell you the truth, I am 49 years old now so I was nervous when I saw these messages from young women who contacted me. However, I replied to four ladies. After one month, I selected two girls because the other two were not my type. One girl said she didn't want to come to America. If we were married, then I had to move back there with her. The other girl usually asked about materials.

So I continued contacting these two ladies. After about 8 months, I went to see them in the Philippines. Both were beautiful and very polite when they talked with me. Of course, I had to see them in different time. They took me to their families and introduced me with their relatives and friends. One girl lives in Davao and the other lives in Manila. I am not a native American man but a Danish American man. I was treated as a king over there. I had good times with two ladies. I went back to the US and it was hard for me to choose the one. Both were my type. Finally, I chose my wife and married her about a year later.

Again, I like to thank you for this great website. I am in process of sponsoring my Filipina wife over here to live. She should be here in about two months. I'd appreciated your hard work on this Filipino dating site.

May 5, 2012 Las Vegas, CA



Filipino dating

Good evening,

I am very happy that I have found my Filipina wife from your dating service. There were some barriers at first but I found my dream lady now. I started the paid dating sites before and didn't find any one so I joined your dating service last year and finally found her. All right, there were some Filipino women who tried to make money out of me but they failed and already reported them to you. It is easy to know whether they are serious or scams.

I didn't know about Filipina ladies until I visited my friend on his wife's birthday party. She is Filipina. When I first met her, oh man, I felt in love with the way she looks, talks and smiles. No joking, I wish I had such a Filipino wife. After the party, she cleaned up and washed all the dishes. She then put everything in order. She is so different from Western women. So, I started joining some paid mail order bride sites but didn't work out for me. I finally joined your free service and it worked.

I got scammed from one girl on other site so I got some experience to avoid such scams. I didn't loss much money but the trust. I knew one girl from a mail order service. We were planning to meet each other soon. I sent her a few hundreds of dollars and she didn't contact me anymore. Anyway, that's a lesson I learned.

When I met this girl on your site, she was perfect for me. She didn't ask me about money. I came there to see her and she was my perfect lady so I married her. She is younger than me 24 years old but she loves me. I am planning to open a small business in the Philippines.

Thank you very much for this dating service.


Melbourne Australia