Why do Filipina women show off their White husbands too much?

Filipina women who marry white husband claim high status in the Philippines. White men are considered as the most stunning and great men in this country. So, single women here are so proud to walk with white guys. They usually show off their white husbands to relatives, friends and even strangers on public.

Filipino women and White men

Filipino women and White men (Photo: youtube)

In the Philippines, having a white husband is the pride for her family and siblings, as well as relatives. It does not matter who old he is, a white spouse is viewed as the special status in the family. Most of Filipino women, their parents and siblings, try to show off this white guy every time they have a chance. When she has a half-white kid, they show off this kid as well. This is the routine that happens to most of Filipino-wife-White-husband families.

It is about the culture and society. The white is always better than dark color. Also, most Filipina ladies are taught to look for a better man than them. They always try to marry up for better. Another reason is that the bad rumors from Filipino men about domestic violence make them scared of marrying a local man. The poor living condition is also the reason they want to look for a white husband. Most of them are trying to get out of the country where they can’t find a bright future. They are trying to marry a white man to have an opportunity to work and earn dollars in the Western nation.

Back to our topic, Filipinos consider white skin is the better. Most of them are trying to change their skin color by using skin whitening products to have a whiter skin. Marrying a white dude is the dream that comes true. Their children will have the best white skin ever. They are proud to be white. When a Filipina married a white husband, he is like her high brand. Of course, she will show off her husband wherever she has a chance. Her parents will show off their grand-children as well. Every one in her family will show off this white dude too.

It is about the culture. The Philippines people show off the good things and hide the ugly things. When a Filipina girl who married to a Caucasian, certainly, he is her pride. She is proud of herself. She thinks her life is on the higher status in the society. When she walks with a white spouse, she feel confident, safe and proud. She is happy with a white, tall and handsome husband. Then, it is okay for her to show off with other people.

Many of single women in the Philippines who signed up at our free dating site to find Western men try to show off their “cool” and “high-level” husbands after marriage. I think it is okay to do so if you are proud of yourself about your husband.

However, there are some Filipina girls who completely changed their characteristics after they married a Caucasian husband, this is not good. They think that they are considered as the high status and living condition. Their behavior has changed. They don’t talk to the neighbors and friends. They think these neighbors and friends are “low” class so they don’t talk or even look at anymore. This isn’t right at all.

Anyway, the Filipina ladies who marry white husbands show off with their friends and even strangers. Especially their mothers always try to show off their son-in-laws in front of people. I mean, they are too proud to have the white dude as a member of the family.

Author: Jenny LamJenny Lam
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  1. In Philippine girls are so sexy and beautiful after reading your blog about it. I feel very good and i decided to marry with a Filipino girl.

  2. So according to this Blog. Your saying Filipina women are shallow, brain washed, self hating, uneducated little cunts that will consume all your financial assets if you allow them too. LoL I’m not White but I can assure you I date more Filipinas than the average White guy. Oh yes they love the Afrikan American.

  3. Yeah proud but ask those women that are dating white guys, why are they proud of the guy. I think you should ask a filipina who dates a white guy perspective..couldnt it just be because of love? Arent we all proud of the guy we adore?..Just saying though..btw I’m dating a white guy.. and it’s not about the money.. have you ever heard of the reason ” for genetic improvement?” Because that was my reason when I sought for one.

    But things change because I fell in love.
    and surely it’s not about the money. I earn my own :)…

  4. This article is so lame many Filipina girls are not proud bringing their white fat fart to the public like for example at the malls you will see pinays walking upfront with a distance of like 2 feet they are not proud walking at the malls with their white partner this is so cliche. Don’t get me wrong because the real of status of that pinay in the eyes of Filipino seeing her is she is just a lame user who married a white old fat fart!! And mostly these are the girls who lived from the province like the southern part of the Philippines..

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