Woh, Filipino men! you guys are gorgeous, so be confident!

Filipino men are the most beautiful and gorgeous men in Asia. They are not the same as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese etc. They are strong and cute with the perfect skin color of bronze tan and attractive hair. However, the only issue that Western women complain about the Pinoy guys is the lack of confidence when it comes to dating, love and relationship. They take too much time to approach the lady they like after she turns on “green light”.

Filipino men are gorgeous and cute

Filipino men are gorgeous and cute

Filipino men are shy

That’s right. They are shy compared to Western men such as Caucasians and Blacks. These Western men are more friendly and open to the woman even though she is still on “yellow light”. They just approach to talk and joke with any woman they like. In America, Canada and Australia, Pinoy men are judged by the most beautiful and gorgeous Asian men by Western ladies. They look strong and cute.

Why taking so long to approach to a girl when she turns on the green light?

I think it is about the Philippines culture. When it comes to dating, relationship and marriage, most singles take it seriously. They want to investigate the opposite side to make sure they are perfect matched. They want a lifelong commitment. So, they take time to carefully think about that person before they approach. This is one of the best traits about Filipino single men in the Philippines and those who live in the West.

Do you know why you are the most stunning Asian men in the West?

You guys look strong and cute and speak English with American voice. I think many Filipino men hang out with non-Filipino friends including White, Black and Hispanic. This is a good thing. As you know most Asian people usually don’t like to hang out with non-Asian friends. You guys are different. This is another reason that Caucasian women love about Philippines men.

How about Filipino women?

Certainly, Filipino guys don’t have much issues from their own race. I have not heard any complain from Filipina ladies about Pinoy men who live in the West. Only local Filipina girls from the hometown Philippines complain about domestic violence from some men back home. Generally speaking, Filipino guys are good in term of dating and marriage. They take care of their family and children.

No wondering there are thousands of single Filipino men signing up through online dating sites like Filipinodatings.com and others to find Caucasian and Filipina ladies for dating and marriage. Of course, to find a Pinay lady for dating, you sleep through it. However, seeking a Caucasian girl for dating requires more self confidence from you guys. Be confident when you like and approach a single woman. Don’t take too much time. Go for it.

Author: Jenny LamJenny Lam
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  1. On the contrary, most of the Filipino men are confident and the younger ones, usually cocky, wily and flirty. If they come from provinces, they are quiet at first but are never shy. Older Filipino especially the ones who came from abroad can be very domineering and brash. As they become older, most become self-righteous. Thankfully enough, about a third are nice and good men.

  2. I do the searching for white women dating filipinos and I got here. Yes, it’s true filipino guys are typically shy, they tend to be the conservative ones because they aren’t use to having relationships with western women. I used to date a caucasian from Sweden before. I thought it will end up to relationship but it didn’t. So sad.. I am looking for a caucasian girl, hope to met someone to truly love me as Asian,Filipino in particular.

  3. Yeah at first really Im shy and very nervous on talking with other ethics or other race. But you need to be strong. Fight for your feelings. And before you say anything, think first coz you might hurt their feelings. And now haha im here because im looking for a white woman.

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