You’re One Of The White Girls Who Date Filipino Guys!

White girls dating Filipino guys

You are destined to date a Filipino guy or whatever reason, what’s next for you? You don’t pick other Asians to date but stick with Filipino men. There are a lot of rumors that people talk about this online, you know that?

White girls dating Filipino guys

White girls dating Filipino guys

I am not talking about these debates online. I am speaking of white girls who date Filipino guys that you are one of them. There are some rumors about white women usually don’t like Filipino men for love and romance. Certainly, there are some. Who cares? There is always an apposite side of it. You like Filipino guys. Yes, you do.

A Filipino man has the darker skin, stronger look, sexier outlook etc than other Asians like Japanese or Chinese. Whatever reason you like, like Spanish related, English speaking etc, better compatibility in communications.

What are your family reactions?

You take him to introduce to your family. The first thing you parents say is “Really? Huh? etc”. Most of Caucasion parents will say such things, really. However, they will understand later on. Especially, most modern Filipino men speak English very well with no accents so they will get along with these parents soon. Nowadays, there are more and more Filipinos who date white ladies in the United States, Australia or Canada. That’s right. Filipino men are viewed as strong and trustworthy men from these white women. Even though more white girls with black guys, Filipino men white women relationships are increasingly in the last few years.

Don’t think about Filipino guys are being “nerds”. They are not. Compare with other Asians, like Japanese men or Chinese men, Filipino men are viewed with more weight from white women’s point of view.

Why are White women seeking Filipino men?

There are many white women flock to the Philippines to marry the perfect man. These single ladies used to be still haunted by their last relationship with the white man or they might have heard many good things about Filipino men. What they are looking for is the man who can act as a traditional husband to the wife. They are traditional women. They don’t want equal gender freedom as most modern women do. As we live on this modern era, these traditional women still exist which is a good thing. Most modern white men don’t act like a husband to a wife. They share things and errands equally in the house. Blonde or brunette girls dating Filipino guys because they love the Philippines cultures as well. That’s why white women from the US of America, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom go to online dating sites to find local Filipino guys or even single men in the Philippines for marriage.

Why are Filipino men so popular in the West?

They speak English well. They are masculine and strong. Their looks are unique amongst other Asian men. The way they treat their wife is perfect. They take care of most things and errands in the house. They are the men who go out and make money and let their wives keep and save. Most Filipino husbands think about the husband’s role is to work hard and make money and the wife’s role is to keep and save money as well as take care of kids. This is the best and unique traits that most white men don’t have. Like I said above, white men share everything equally like errands, bills, etc. Filipino husbands take care of everything to make sure their life mates happy and cheerful.

What type of men that white ladies prefer?

Most Filipino men are picked by white women are tall and cool guys. If you are less than 5’7 in height, then your chance is rare.

What should Filipino guys need to do?

Be confident. Don’t think down about yourself like “Look at me, I am 5’8, too short, most white men are 6 and above in height, how should she find me attractive?” You must be confident about yourself. When she comes to meet you in the Philippines, you must show her about your self confidence and make her believe in you. If you were born or immigrated in America, Australia or Canada, then you must be confident once you are with her. You have a chance to date and marry a blonde or brunette woman. So, be confident.

Author: Jenny LamJenny Lam
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49 thoughts on “You’re One Of The White Girls Who Date Filipino Guys!

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  1. I am a filipino guy looking for a white girl. Hit me up if you want to know more about me. Age range 20-25. Email me

  2. Hi!
    I’m a white woman living in New Jersey USA. I’m originally from Switzerland and moved to USA for love in 2009 but it didn’t turn out well. I’m not divorced yet.
    I had a Filipino boyfriend for awhile and it intrigued my interest about the country and culture. He was the first one treating me well except he ghosted me one day lol
    But anyway, I’m interested in meeting another Filipino guy. Be in my age range. I’m 36 yrs old and have two kids.
    I’m also interested to move back to Switzerland at one point.
    My email is

  3. Hello guys.

    I am a French girl.
    Here is my Love story with Philippines and a filipino man…
    I dropped by philipines to see a friend. I never thought of travelling to philipines, I just came to say ” hi” to a friend because i was travelling in thailand.
    And finally…. I stayed one year in philipines…
    I fall in love for this country. People welcomed me nicely everywhere. I have pretty much a lot of filipino and filipina friends now.

    I fall in love for this country before falling in love for a filipino 2 month after i reached philipines.
    It was like an evidence between us. We are incredibly the same person despit our differences. So much in common. So much to share. We got engaged. We will get married this year. It is like so natural.
    About him i can tell he treat me well. We lived together in same flat few month so we are very happy. No day to day life problem. When I am lazy he cook. When he is lazy i cook. Etc…. I was doing a bit more then him in the flat because he work 8am till 9pm 6 days a week. But whenever he got the time I never had to tell him to do something in the house he do it naturally. It went naturally. We understand each other for all. Daily life. When we travelled together. I am very lucky. I think it is about people to people. Not only the culture.

    We talked a lot about how we see the life and what we want etc. How to raise kids. Where to live , education etc. Just to be sure our love story could fit a life long story.

    I am lucky his family is really nice with me. His mom, aunt etc…. all are nice. I even slept in his bed at his aunt place after a family dinner which i know is not common here and not in the habits of his family. But they treat me as his wife already. I am the first girl he bring back home and even show to them.
    Only his sister initially was a bit afraid because i am a foreigner… she was not really happy of this….but after few month we both became very very good friends. And now we keep on chatting each other and meet even without him. She is at my side always now not his side ahah it make him laught because his sister changed her mind and she like me now.
    They integrated me as a part of their family. And i think that is very important for us…..

    He do like some people wrote about filipino. Opening the door. Pay at restaurants etc. I love it. I pay restaurants bills also now ( but before he didn’t wanted me to pay , I insisted) but I like it that he try to take care of me in that way… It feels good.
    I just wanted to share my story to you all.

    Don’t search for love. Love will find you. I was not searching. When I met him i actually didn’t wanted to be with anyone.. but life happened…. and i allowed it.
    I love you philipines and my future filipino husband

    Happy happy happy

  4. hi in mhike 33 still single and searching for my rigth one …. i love foreign girl call me up 09121607261…..hope i will find my true love here

  5. It is slowly becoming more common for me to come across foreign women who have Filipino boyfriends/husbands/lovers (or Filipino men who have foreign women as girlfriends/wives/lovers) in the Philippines nowadays! About time the ratio of Filipinos dating/marrying out vis-a-vis that of Filipinas starts to balance out for a change! The trend started to pick up in the late 2000s/early 2010s based on my personal observation! πŸ™‚

    However, I seem to notice the foreign women leading the charge in the Philippines (based on the people I meet) seem to be women with European nationalities like the Russians, French, Germans, and British! More than half of the foreign women I’ve personally encountered in real life that have gotten themselves romantically/sexually involved with a fellow Filipino man are from those four countries alone! I don’t know why but that’s what I seem to see when I’m out and about in this country! Hopefully they will influence other foreign women visiting/living in the Philippines into joining the fun as well! πŸ˜€

  6. Yeah I agree to all of you guys. We filipino guys dont want your wealth. We are looking forward for a real relationship and you might think that we’re just gonna play with your heart? Haha NO! A big NO. But others do. But Me? Im different. Im a serious, loving, kind, faithful and loyal guy. I will show you everything about my world if you will love me too :)) Im not here for jokes. I want a woman who can give more love than what I can give. Here’s my skype id arvin2917. And I have a facebook and yahoo account just add me up and message me at Looking for white women πŸ™‚

  7. Hello im marc jonas i am from philippines, i agree that all of filipinos are not after for the wealth besides many filipino men married white women and stayed in the philippines,and they like to stay there not only for the culture but the our tourist spots we have in philippines and we are blessed to have that though,.filipino men also a loving,caring,bestfriend,faithful partner/husband that anyone women like to be with, So if ever you meet a filipino men take it slow and get to know each other first,..

    And im looking for long distance relationship, im single and searching the love of my life,. My email is thanks πŸ™‚

  8. hi, I have no luck in dating sites. please let me, maybe i can find a real & serious one here. i’m not looking for a rich white woman who will take me in here place. but i’m looking for someone who’s willing to relocate here in philippines for marriege. thank you. – mike

  9. I wish someone could clear it up to this normal Ph culture, that the man would not be alone with the woman in public? That he would not be affectionate during daytime, even when alone together? That he respects her so much, that he doesn’t really show passion during lovemaking? Its more a duty. That he does not touch her during daytime, only when going to bed and only during “the act”. Then that’s all over again. Is this what they know about affection ?

    • the guy is weird . Traditionally Filipino men opens the door for you.. carries your bag for you… when you cross the street, he will hold you and protect you… when eating in a dinner, he will pay the bills and everything… that’s how filipino men show affection…

      Not having sex is also a sign that he respects you… it means, he will marry you… He has no bad intentions and he is not after sex… he wants an actual long lasting relationship…

      • I am a Filipino and I agree with Alonzo. I have done this to my Filipina gf, but unfortunately she broke up with me, she think that all I want is sex and I let her go she is also materialistic. Now I am looking for white girl.

    • All of it is false.we respect and love our women. we can be affectionate if we want to. The kind of guy your refering to is an asshole stay away from those.

  10. I was lured in by this handsome successful man, Ph women will not marry a man who has children out of wedlock. That is how conservative his culture is. We were chatting daily for a year on Skype ,when finally meeting in person. Then surprises followed, he had been faking online to be very warm and affectionate, but was very cold and distant in person. His family always had to be present and with us when we went anywhere. He would not go with me alone anywhere. Apparently he needed time to adapt to me physically . He avoided being affectionate or going to bed as much as possible .He explained he respected me very much and needed time to adapt to me. He did not mind doing things for me , but his family always had to be with us wherever we went. Strange. Because of the lack of warmth , I really did not trust what was going on. And the fact that he had been faking to be warm and caring and affectionate online..promising many things. But he could not produce. My heart was broken and I was disappointed. I just did not trust him anymore, due to all the lies. I thought he would at least put up a fight for me and try to keep me, but not even that. He just let it all slip out of his hands. I don’t understand any of this kind of treatment. Normally in my culture a man must prove he loves you and really wants you in his life. Anyway.. I have learned a great deal from this experience and will never trust any man again.

  11. Ha! I actually love short phillipino guys so the whole height thing is definitely not true! I’ve been with one that was 5’4 and my husband is 5’6! (I’m 5’7!) All races have high maintenance women, it doesn’t mean all the women of that race are like that though. The phillipino women in my husband’s family are some of the sweetest women that I know! I do believe a lot of phillipino men are very loving and take care of their woman. But you’ll find some that are unfaithful or cheat in any race so stereotyping whether good or bad is not accurate it’s all about who that person is on the inside. You shouldn’t date someone just because of where their from and what they might be like because stereotypes. You’ll be in for a rude awakening.
    Luckily this Irish/Scottish red headed American woman found a wonderful phillipino man who treats her like none other. He is geeky and loves video games and anime, and you wanna know what it’s perfect because I do too! We have so much fun together and have lots of outdoor adventures and he treats me as a equal and respects me. Coming from a family where men rule over and disrespect their women my phillipino husband is a breath of fresh air! If your thinking of dating/marrying a phillipino man go for it! You might just find a kind hearted, respectful loving love of your life! (Plus your babies will look beautiful! <3)

    • I have read your comment about marrying Filipino guy. Thanks for defending my race and I am happy to hear that you are living with a Filipino guy. Such comment of yours will boost the moral of my race.

  12. I love Asian women and I am looking for a sweet girl with a heart who

    can hang with me in the music industry. I live in London area

    and have a house. I need a woman’s touch to complete the picture.

    • Hi… a lot of Filipino women are looking for someone like you. All you have to do is be nice to them. Not all Filipina are after of the wealth or whatsoever. They are after of someone who will love them in exchange of the love that they gave. So good luck may you will find the finest and nicest Filipina

  13. some of the comments aren’t true lol. you see, people are people. so whether she is a filipina or she’s white, if SHE IS materialistic, then she is materialistic. I was born and raised in vancouver. my parents teaches me bisaya, hiligaynon, and tagalog 1-2 hours everyday after school and my father always ends the lesson like this: “if you want to be happy later in life then don’t marry a caucasian woman” we are translating that from bisaya tagalog and hiligaynon and make fun of it. growing up I was in a relationship with 4 different whites in different years and realize that my father was horribly right.

    White chics are possessive, feminist (90%), demanding, with awful manners, could be rude, loud, materialistic (as opposed to Caedus said, not true, because everything is all about money on them lol), terrible hygiene – smelling bad (be it by body odor or by bad breath your call). this is by experience. I end up with four because there’s only one good thing about them and that is sex. growing up, I need that. a lot. whites were very meaty, like blacks and hispanics. these are women you wanna sleep with and not to live with. blacks, india(n)s and latinas are smelling funny. can’t explain how bad so I’d rather use “funny”…

    I am married to a filipina for 8 years now and best decision I’ve ever made since. she’s from philippines, we relocated to manitoba for a very quiet life. I can’t speak for filipinas who were raised in canada as 60% of them were acting like whites too. so I say this, if you want a wife to love the rest of your life, pick a filipina, or chinese or japanese. if you want wild ‘curvy’ sex then pick whites, black, and hispanics. though you must avoid latinas too. they are very cranky and whites are only good as your trophy to display among your filipino friends. that’s short term, how about thinking long term.

    • You cheeky unimaginative bastard….such a shallow view based on your negative life experiences.
      Doesn’t matter what country a woman is from ..All races have rude …unhygienic. .materialistic. . Loud..awful mannered women and men it’s seems you’re one of them..ypu are so very rude… go look in the dam mirror and I will pray fro you ..One day ypu will have your eyes opened
      Your comments angers me ????
      I am a white women and I am none of those that you stated above and I am engaged to a filipino guy are judgmental and gave not been taught well growing up as a child..

      In the eyes of the Lord we are all equals..

  14. About Kat, the girl from the comment above.. yeah. we have lits of families like that in the Philippines and some in the USA. Educated Filipino families usually dont do that, however were still working on educating the whole country to accept differences, individualism to eliminate those predominant manners of most Filipinos. Thats what I admire from you Americans, youre one of the most considerate, civil, ethical, broadminded people alongside with Japanese people πŸ™‚

  15. hai im omar wency panugaling, im 19 years old 5″9 half ,single”, filipino citizine, im looking for a girl that can understand me in everyway, a girl with an honest and simple thing, i dont care if your not beutifull or what so ever, the most important is you can live a life what ever i have,, i will wait for you, ill be here waiting for you forever…>>>my no.09479576030,,.””thanks

  16. hi im romen delos santos 26yrs old cute guy fair complexion,with dimples,looking for a caucasian female to marry,heres my email : / cel number +639064820014 contact me sweet girls,im faithful,loving and swewt thank you

  17. To the white girl above me haha Ive heard this so many times. She does speak the truth on most cases. However my parents are receptive to white women or any other race at that. I brought a white girl home one day and it amused the hell out of my dad. I have never been into white girls that much until my stay in Montana at a friends ranch for some rest and relaxation and to just get away. I learned to muck stalls, rub, brush, feed and saddle horses. I mended fences and baled hay. One day I met this beautiful sassy classy and a bit of a smartass country girl who is strong willed and adventurous. I never looked back. My personal opinion is white girls are more open and less materialistic than asian or filipina women. Four wheeling or mudrunning or jumping out of planes… hehe I served the Marine Corps as well and met some tough beautiful white girls. Asians.. not as much. They take the easy route amd go Air Force or Navy. pshh.

      • Hello I’m erwin from Philippines ,, I’m 24 yrs old coming July ,, I want to merry from USA girl ,,I am simple man ,, sweet loving an caring. ?? this is my email Teresa villa more my # +63998215100 ,thanks have a nice. Day?

  18. So she wants you to be the woman to cook and clean? Some women are independent which is a good thing because they had many men break their hearts. I’m very Codependent so I think you’re lucky she wants to do things herself because my pinoy bf complains about helping me but he also likes the control he has over me lol pinoy and ocd is so common haha.

    My white family didn’t mind him they are open minded however his Filipino family was not as excepting they’re very superficial I’m never skinny enough I’m size 6 USA which is not fat my Job is never good enough I’m a teacher …let’s see any chance I’m not around his mom talks crap about me . Two and half yrs of dating and his family only talks about work health and food. I’m use to an American mix family my dad non American who talk about life sports events etc they don’t just stick to convos you can’t get in depth with. It seems Filipinas are very materialistic and very into how they look. My bf mom has had nose surgery in Philippines . I wish there was an article about surviving mean future in-laws. If I was a Filipina nurse like everyone I bet they would like me that’s sad…

    • Hi Kat. You’re correct in evaluating most women in the Philippines. But there are few exemptions. I know, I’m Filipino. I had a American GF in the past but sadly we parted ways. I love to meet white women because they’re independent and unpredictable. And I know they’re a lot different from the locals around here. Most women here are practical, they like successful men, especially foreigner…Kat, i would really want to communicate with you if its fine. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care.

    • That’s is hilarious impossible! A white American lady dating a Filipino man my God!.. this ladies is very tough and higher class so cannot the sky it’s only a dream.. need to wake up take a couple cup of coffee):

  19. Most Filipino men dating white ladies are those who have been successful in their business or at least their career. You know, I have been dating with a white girl, I have to tell you that she is independent. it does not matter how much snow is falling, she comes out to flow it off. If you tell her “let me do it, go inside, honey”, she will argue and get mad. You can help her but she does not let you do it for her all along. At home, she won’t cook or wash the dish every day.

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