How can I meet American men who are looking to marry Filipino women?

Getting married with single American men is popular nowadays but how and where to find them is a question here. The Philippines or Asian dating services are the solution to find single men in America.

Filipino girls

Filipino girls

You need to search for them through these web sites and contact them. You can wait for them to contact you, certainly. There are many American men looking to marry Filipina ladies. American men are defined as either naturalized Filipino Americans or native Americans.

There are many Filipino girls who are intelligent, beautiful and educated looking for American husband. If you are one of these, then you should learn how to get a man marry you. American men are not the same as Filipino men as you have seen in the Philippines. They are friendly, loyal and straight. They are looking to marry Filipina lady because they love your beautiful, small, skinny, appealing and sexy body with simple personality and low requirements as a husband.

“Don’t be a golddigger” is the first thing you need to remember if you want a long term marriage. This is the truth. You should not ask for money from him. He can give you money but he may not marry you. If you want to have a short-term relationship, then pay for what you get. The girl that he selects for marriage must be a good person. So, prove to him that you are the best person in his heart.

American men love Filipinas because you guys are appealing, friendly, beautiful, submissive and strong in sex. So, after you know him through an online dating site, chat with him and meet him in the Philippines, you have to make him think you are the best. For those who are still virgin, you must give it to him. Don’t save it for marriage because he won’t marry you if he does not have sex with you. If you are not virgin, then it is easier for you to make love with him. Try to make it the best you can.

Many single men in the United States think that you guys don’t love your man, but you just want to come to this great country when you marry him. They will ask themselves why a Filipina lady will leave her country and marry an unknown man. It is not love but on purpose. You have to prove to him that you love him by heart so he can marry you and bring you to America.

Another important point about the differences between the Philippines and American cultures. Filipino ladies like to work things out rather than find a new relationship at the first sign of trouble. This is your strong point of view so make sure you keep this in mind. American men love about this characteristic about Filipino ladies.

Don’t let him disrespect you by getting involved in money related issues. If you come from financially disadvantaged families that you need money, then you must talk to him clearly about that. You can take him to visit your parents and siblings so he can understand. Let him decide what he can help. But again, don’t be a golddigger in any case.

How can you find an American man who is looking to marry Filipino ladies?

You can go to the Filipino internet dating agencies or other sites to find him. Just sign up for a profile and write as detailed as possible about your profile. You can either search for him and contact him or wait for him to contact you first. You should contact with some men and choose the best one to continue the online dating and go from there.

So, online dating sites are the solution to meet American men who are looking to marry Filipino women.

Author: Jenny LamJenny Lam
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  1. I am one of the ladies here who has the same purpose, to look a man to be my best friend,soulmate and lovers. I want a man who is honest, no secrets, loving, faithful, respectful and loyal and of course a man who makes me feel that I am beautiful everyday. I hope I find him here.

    Good luck to all as we continue searching our one and only in life.

    God bless…


  2. This was an interesting article to read, considering I am a guy from the U.S. And what you said is true, about why we like filipinas, but that is not exactly the truth. For me the beauty of women from the Philippines didn’t actually factor in much at all about why I decided to meet someone from the philippines. I was attracted to the fact that Filipinos were loyal, and appreciative of nice guys, that they desired marriage and a family. And most filipinas are Christians, which was a huge factor for me! So I suppose this is the part where I kind of need to disagree with this article: ladies, do not feel like you have to have sex with a man when he comes to visit you. When I go to visit the Philippines, I would be upset if my girl wanted to sleep with me before marriage (since we are Christians). I was actually very attracted to the thought of a woman who was going to stay a virgin for me until we got married. Of course I guess a lot of guys just go to the philippines looking for sex, but there are SO many good Christian guys from the West who are just looking for good wives.
    So ladies, good luck, and I wish you all the happiness out there! Relationships between Filipinas and western guys can work out!
    I am a very happy man.

  3. my friends experience here is bad…the name Williams Petter is a scammer…how to avoid that kind of member/ He has a good words and let the hearts fell for him.

  4. I spent last few winter in central america, lived with some, sex with most they all need money but like there poor life and young guys who make babies leave. I know some good gringos there the same, girls give what you want today for money , dot care about next day, they back with there poor lovers. is same in Philippines ¿

  5. I love Asian women and I am looking for a sweet girl with a heart who can hang with me in the music industry. I live in London area and have a house. I need a woman’s touch to complete the picture.

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    Happy Daating.

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