Filipina Ladies & the Illusions of the United States of America

Many Filipina ladies who signed a profile through an online Filipino dating site believe the America is the land of opportunities that they can make easy living. They might have heard either Filipino Americans or Native Americans tell the myths about this country. Being a Pinoy who lives in the US for 25 years, I am writing this article to tell the truth about the USA country, not like what they believe it is.

Filipino ladies n Illusions of life in the US

Filipino ladies n Illusions of life in the US

Americans really work hard to make a living. They are stressful when thinking about bills such as mortgages, utilities, credit card, insurances, and so on. The cost of living in America is like 10 times higher than the Philippines. For example, when you make less than 20,000 pesos a month, it is hard to live in this country, especially in New York and California. The cost of living is high in these US States. One bedroom apartment for rent may cost you 16,000 pesos. If you live by yourself and make 20,000 pesos, then you can’t rent an apartment. American people who are making less money, have to share a room with others from single family houses or town houses. A room for share costs about 7,000 pesos.

What about the earning and income?

When you are hired to cut grass around some people’s houses, the boss can pay you 1,400 pesos a day. So you can make 40,000 pesos a month if you work 30 days. The meal at fast food restaurants like McDonald or Burger King is about 50 pesos. One of the most important thing in America is the health insurance that you must buy. The cost of the hospitalization is extremely expensive. Of course, you get the excellent service in the hospitals in America. So, you must buy medical health insurance. It may cost you another 4,000 pesos a month.

Filipina woman in America

Filipina woman in America

The cost of living in other US states is cheaper, including Texas, Florida, Georgia, and etc.

So, if you make 40,000 pesos in the Philippines, then you should not come to the US, unless you want your children go to school here. The education cost for children from 1st grade to 12th grade is 100% free. You have to pay the lunch for your kids though. The lunch cost is about 33 pesos per meal. If your income meet the standard of low income, then the school will pay for your children too. Some Filipino women don’t understand clearly about life in America so this article may help you thoroughly understand about that.

When you meet an American at a Filipina dating site, you will need to ask him about the cost of living in the US. It is very expensive that what you thought. Don’t think it simply by just judging the way you saw and heard a Filipino American spent money over there. He must work very hard in the US so he can spend money over there. Of course, the US dollars are big in the Philippines. For instance, he makes 50,000 pesos a month in America, after expenses paid, he can save around 20,000 pesos. If he brings about 100,000 pesos and spend in the Philippines, then you may say “woh”, he is rich. In fact, he is not rich at all.

I hope you thoroughly understand about the life in American which is not as easy as you believe. After reading it over, if you still decide to meet a Pinoy or an American to come to the US, then go ahead to create a profile at our free Filipino dating site now. Good luck!

Author: Jenny LamJenny Lam
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  1. Hello friends, I am Jessi from Manila of the Philippines. I am a nice and sweet Filipina girl who is single and honest. I am looking for a good man to get married with. He must be faithful and he must loves me.

  2. Hi jenny, what you said about life in the states are so true and that was just the tip of the iceberg it needs to be emphasized more. Many filipinos that come here just end up working for minimum wage even with college grad diploma it is very sad there’s only a couple of few instances that actually make more than average worker who gets paid more those who are nurses and doctors lawyers, accountants the rest are most likely minimum wage sales, domestic helper, restaurant workers just brake even you have to work full overtime all the time in order to make extra money and that means more than 40 hours maybe 50 thats what nurses do they work 12 hours shift most of them unless they have seniority or part time.

  3. Hello kumasta . I would just like to ad a comment as a British guy that has also had similar problems concerning this issue my partner and I tried to move together to japan and we had all sorts of problems from immigration to housing and launguge and cultural differences . We both worked hard we couldn’t afford to live work and pay bills and we both found it very difficult. I couldn’t earn enough to support us there in the philipines . She couldn’t get clearance to come to uk . We both struggled with immigration in japan so inevitably she returned home to Daveo and I had to return to uk . My salary in uk is 8 times that of philipines but my cost of living is also 8 times of philipines . The money stress and arguments soon see us drift apart . It’s unfounded that westerners are rich we still struggle to live same as there but it’s slightly on a different scale .just hope that this message can dispel a few myths


  4. I very much agree to what you wrote. I was petitioned to the USA by my mother and it’s not all bed of roses like the hype they hear.

    I had to be independent right away since we had no house help and could not afford one. There are a lot of resources but that’s just temporary.

    Men and Women need to further do their assignment about wanting to come to the US, you just don’t snap your finger and boom everything falls into place.

    Sacrifice and hard work and loss of family time is what you will see if you want to live here in the USA. Good luck to all.

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