5 Reasons Why Filipino Women Make Excellent Girlfriends

Have you ever considered dating Filipino women? There are several things that come with what might happen with your relationship with such a woman who might be a little more exotic for your taste. Here are five great reasons why you should consider these women when finding these women.

Filipino women

Filipino women

The first reason why you should date a Filipino woman is because many Filipino women are more interested in loyalty and commitment than most other women. A Filipino woman will want to stick with her man for as long as possible. Much of this comes from how Filipino women come from the Philippines or are related to people from that country. This is one of the most Christian-influenced countries in the world. Loyalty is a big part of what you might find among women in this faith.

Another point about dating Filipino women is that they are women who are known to be a little more refined than other single women. Much of this comes from the Filipino belief of Delikadesa. This is a value that involves a calm attitude without cheating, lying or doing anything else that might upset a man. This is all done to keep a man from feeling upset.

Third, there is the need to see how a Filipino woman might end up being more supportive of you than another single woman. A bit part of it all involves the traditional Filipino virtue of always taking care of other people whenever they have some important considerations that have to be used well. They have to be treated with the best respect that they can possibly get. You should see this when finding women of interest considering how they are to be a little more positive for you to talk with.

The fourth reason is that Filipino women are often more educated than other women. You might notice this because the Philippines value women more than many other Asian countries. The country has strong educational standards and is willing to give every single person in the country access to education. It is a brilliant part of a relationship that proves that a woman might have a chance to impress a man with her intelligence.

The final reason why it’s a great idea to think about dating Filipino women is that it is often easier for a relationship with a Filipino woman to last longer than a relationship with someone else. The loyalty that a Filipino woman has to her man and the desire she has to please him as needed is a huge part of what makes it so. There’s also the benefit of such a woman being able to control herself and not be at risk of harming other people when trying to communicate with someone.

You might be interested in seeing how dating Filipino girls could be such a great idea to think about. These women are better for you because they are supportive and educated while also being more likely to stick around with you for a long time.

Author: Jenny LamJenny Lam
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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Filipino Women Make Excellent Girlfriends

  1. In datiing a Filipina woman you will find them very religious also many Filipina women are extreamly jealous of any other woman even as friends.
    In my case it was the cause of our relationship to end. I could not have any woman as a friend and was constantly accused of things I never did. Also her religious beliefs caused many issues

  2. I married a 50 year old woman with three grown children. She had never married before and I should have taken the hint from all our skype conversations that she had a personal psychological agenda. I waited months and finally went to see her and her parents. We spent weeks together and never exchanged a harsh word. I thought I had finally found my soulmate. She would grumble at times about no body in her family ever thought she would marry. I really love and cared for her. I Had been married before but she wanted to go back to the town where most of her family lived in the US and have a quick wedding. I ended up paying for a wedding, her gown, a gown for her mother, and a large after dinner. Her whole play to me was that she would be there for me as I aged and disabled. Problem 1 she could not drive. Spent an initial 500 in driving lessons. It was going no where. Problem two I had house cleaners who I said I was going to let go as I was getting her a car and paying her an allowance. But back on the issue of jealousy. I told her from the start we were older and have histories. Three kids from no husband is history. I told her what was past is past we are new. She came to my house. If she opened an old box and found a card from 2010 she would freak like I got it yesterday. Because of my disabilities I. Would require special diets and as time went on she seemed to resent any food other than what she would like. I gave her this perfume for Xmas that I smelled once in 1981. She claimed I was trying to make her the other woman. She never even asked if it was my sister who wore that perfume. My last divorce had been bitter and I told her I never wanted to hear that persons name. I had entertained one of her sons over Xmas and we settled for a grand NYs with champagne. I had bought her clothing and she suddenly went off . I was trying to make her like my ex of over 5 years ago, and kept saying her name. I told her she knew how much that upset me, and if she could only do that she should leave. She took two bottles of champagne drank them down and demanded that I get her a plane ticket on NYs eve in an hour or she would burn the house down with me in it. What kind of crazy is this? Luckily she passed out and I got her on a flight in the moring. Since then, I have been the evil person who counted everything. I gave this woman more than any other I had in my life and just got another car Xmas for her to use if she got her license. She left me high and dry and after I got rid of my housekeeper who helped because I am disabled. Of course I got sicker and need up in the hospital and this person I thought I was giving my heart to was the most heartless of all. I did not see this coming. I did not get that jealousy, if it’s really that, made such a rage in her life. I had dated other Filipina women before but never met one with this hideous type personality.

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