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Filipino Weddings Ceremony in Philippines

Filipino women

Filipino women

Getting married with Philippines women, you need to understand about how Filipino wedding ceremony is organized. This article is for Filipino men who live in Western countries for a long time or foreign men who will marry a Philippine woman. You will not get surprised when the time comes because you have already learned some basic steps of how to operate a wedding in Philippine. Thousands of Filipinos who were born in a foreign country may not know about this so they can read and learn about their wedding ceremony. As you know that Philippines country is predominantly Roman Catholic because of Spanish colonization so they are sometimes affected by Latin countries when playing key roles in the wedding ceremony.


Guests are invited to the wedding to play as the witnesses to the couple. They play the very important role on the wedding ceremony. All of the family members and friends attend play the significant role in the ceremony. The attendants come to the wedding not only to enjoy the meal but they also help the couple to arrange the wedding in more detailed and better. The ninongs and ninangs are the principal attendants who sponsor the couple. There may be some sponsors whom the bride and groom respect and admire. The Principal Sponsors are the Coin Bearers, Veil Sponsors, Cord Sponsors, and Candle Lighters. Those sponsors could be immediate relatives or friends whom the Filipino bride and groom really admire.

The attire that Filipino women and men wear on their wedding ceremony and party is almost the same as you have seen in the West. Brides in the Philippines usually wear a white dress while grooms wear a traditional white Barong Tagalog with black trousers. The male guests also wear this traditional Barong Tagalog with trousers. The Filipino grooms and male participants usually wear the black shoes. There is music during the wedding party. The bride and groom can choose their favorite songs for their wedding. The Philippines wedding ceremony starts after the Bible passage is read. The couple enters the chapel with the sponsors and the celebrant announces the start of the wedding.

Weddings in Philippines are organized carefully from the two sides of family. Usually, the sponsors who are either the parents or immediate family relatives organize the wedding in detailed and they arrange the wedding a few months ago. Most of the time, the elders of the bride and groom arrange everything. There are several sets of godparents play key roles int he wedding ceremony. We don’t talk about the detailed ceremony on this article but we will write it on the next one. Most of the time, the wedding ceremony is organized from home in the morning and the wedding party is happened later. The bride and groom exchange the rings and give each other a kiss. Anyway, you get married with a Philippines wife, you should know some steps before entering the wedding ceremony. Good luck!

Filipina Women Dating Black Men

Filipina women dating black men is common in America and other Western countries. We have seen thousands of marriages created from a single Filipino woman with black man and they live happily ever after. Dating may be not a good meaning, marrying may be the best term because most of these couples are married. There are also Philippine brides come to USA by getting married with black American men. These guys sponsor their Filipino wives to America to live. So, mail order brides in Philippines happend alot lately. Many black single guys go online to find their woman. They chatted with each other online and then they like each other. They meet with each other in Manila, Philippines.

Filipino Ladies

Filipino Ladies

There are Filipina girls dating black guys in America too. You can see them on Filipino dating sites where they register their personals ads to look for love and romance online. This is the case when Philippines brides who register their profiles to find a husband in USA. The question need to be asked is, why these black men travel to Filipina to get married with their girls? As you know that every man likes to get married with a pretty woman, young and sexy. A single black man who is about 45 can get married with a 25 years old Filipino lady. It happens a lot lately on the Philippine dating services or Filipino mail order brides services. There are thousands of Filipino wives come to USA by getting married with black men.

Filipino ladies who want to come to America must register to the Philippines dating services and post their photos. The same rule applies to Black single guys who will create their personals ads to look for Filipino women. These dating websites have both people locally in Manila and Philippine singles who live in America or other Western countries to register with. Filipina women like to get married with black guys because they are treated in a better manner. Black guys consider their Filipino wife as a queen. This is great when a woman is treated with respect and all women love this. Anyway, you want to find a Filipino woman, then you have to register at free Philippines dating service.

Black men treat Filipina women in a good manner. They respect their Philippine wife. There are many Filipino wives who come to America by getting married with black men. The primary reason why Filipino girls like to get married with black males is the because they are treated in the best manner. Another reason is that Philippine women like to come to America to live because of the good future they will get in this wonderful country. Most young Philippines women are willing to accept an older foreign husband if they have a chance to come to the United States. For USA men who look for an Asian wife, you may consider looking at the Filipino women. Good luck in your search and have a nice day.