Why Did Foreign Men Choose Filipina Wives Over Their Own Ethnicity?

Foreign men marrying Filipina ladies is increasingly popular these days. Almost every foreign man who travels to the Philippines admitted that Filipino women are friendly, sexy and lovely. Many of these guys want to marry Filipinas. Why do Western men fall in love with these ladies?

Foreign men Filipino womenWhy makes a Filipina unique that foreign guys love about?

The appearance is the first thing that foreign men love about Filipino women. Most of them are skinny, thin and in small shape. Even they are married and have kids, they are still in good shape. In the West, most women after delivery are fat and obesed. These men don’t like to get married with such ladies so they go to the Philippines to marry skinny and small ladies. Filipinas are also good housewives and children babysitters. They are role home models.

Most long lasting relationships are based mostly on the lady. If she knows how to keep herself in a good shape, then she knows how to keep her man. Filipinas know how to be a good wife and treats her husband with respect and let him take a lead in a family.

Attraction is also important that make a foreign man fall in love with women in the Philippines. When you walk on the road of Manila or other adjacent cities, you will get the stares from slim, attractive and young ladies there. You will feel more confident in yourself even you had not spoken a word to any lady. Also, you will get all friendly smiles from all beautiful young women on the road. You know what? You will have a hard time to pick a Filipina lady to date with among many young, sexy and pretty ladies who have crush on you.

Filipino girls in the Philippines

Filipino girls in the Philippines

In the Western countries like US or Australia, most women initiate a divorce. Most of men are humiliated and sad after divorce. They want young and pretty babes after divorce. It is hard to find such a baby in America so many of these men travel to the Philippines to find a young and pretty babe. Filipinas are rated much better girlfriends and wives than American women. Foreign guys prefer nice, sweet and charming Filipina women over obesed American women.

The way they find Filipinas is the online dating site Filipinodatings.com or other sites. They sign up a profile online and get acquainted with some Filipino ladies. After a few months of chatting to learn from them, they travel to the Philippines and have good time over there.

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  1. Haha seems like there is a little bit jeaolusy in the air. Well, i really enjoyed what i read here. Everything is true 🙂 Myself, im a 27 year old guy from Norway who choose a filipina rather then a norwegian girl. Im good looking, not fat, kind and have a filipina gf which has higher salary then me. What is your defense, they are still gold diggers? No they are soft hearted and looking for love 😉

  2. Those girls on the pic look really low class and cheap..and no attractive! You can find like them at the side of streets having a low education.. I am sad that those examples you post are the ones that put our image down being Filipinas… If you are looking for a woman of quality in Philippines certainly they do not look like that. Those young Filipina women who end up with old white men cannot afford a young good looking white men and a classy ones are desperate because they do not have anything or any reason to be choosy just like those white old and fat men who cannot choose Filipinas who have something to be proud of, women who always have options and does not include foreign old men.. It is sad but true…

  3. Have you ever thought that just maybe these guys looking for women from the Philippines are such duds that no white woman would want them. In Canada there have even been shows on TV about some of the creeps these “Pilopino” women marry, then they are abused and forced to live in shacks in the frozen north. Seems to me a shack in their own warm country would be better. You women are nothing but gold diggers and deserve what you get. You seem to be very proud of being skinny – most men here consider you scrawny. As far as attractive goes there are a few of you who are, but most of them are taken by their own men at home. And once you get older – Yikes – Fright Factory!

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