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Good Reasons For Dating or Marrying a Filipina Lady

What makes a Filipina lady the most wanted girlfriend or wife for Western men is her amazing femininity and charm. Thousands of foreign men prefer to establish a long lasting relationship with a Filipino woman.

Filipino women

Filipino women (Photo:

There are many reasons why Filipino women make excellent girlfriends or wives. Many men are planning to pursue their dream of marrying a single Philippines woman. Every year, there are thousands of Filipina brides come to Western countries. Also, many foreign men married these ladies and choose to live in the Philippines. Generally speaking, Filipina ladies stand out of the crowd among other Asian ladies because they are friendly, charming and appealing.

Marrying a Filipina woman is every man’s dream. Men in the Philippines are lucky that they can date and marry the most beautiful and stunning women on this planet. Filipina women are friendly, polite and submissive. They speak friendly and in low tones. They are faithful in love, relationship and marriage. Foreign men like these traits the most. They like to marry a loyal wife and Filipina lady is the best choice. Filipino ladies are willing to put their family before anything else, even money or career. The Philippines is a developed country so most people don’t make as much money as people from other developed countries, so, they view the strong family bonds as their richness and they take good care of that.

Most of Filipino-Western marriages are successful and considered a lifetime. The divorce rate is rare for such inter-racial marriages even when they come to the West. International men usually want a long lasting marriage and Filipina ladies are the right choice. A Philippines woman is popular for being attentive, caring, friendly and appealing. There are no words to describe how good they are. They can sacrifice their careers to have a good family. They don’t think about themselves but the husband and children. They want to be submissive and they want you, husbands, take a lead of the family.

Filipina ladies with Western husbands

Filipina ladies with Western husbands (Google images)

I am not a Filipino man who tries to give too much compliments on Filipina ladies. That’s absolutely true about them. In summary, below are some good traits about the Philippines girls.

  • Excellent personality – Most of Filipino women seem to be quiet. They speak in low tones so they rarely argue with their husband. They are not stubborn women because they don’t want to quarrel with you. They don’t criticize about your bad sides. They accept you as the husband, who you are.
  • Family as a high priority – Money is the main cause for divorces in Western people. In the United States or Canada, for instance, if you get laid off for long and don’t have money to pay for bills, then your life partner will divorce you. The Philippines is a poor country where people make about $1 per hour on average. However, they don’t consider money as the most important thing in life but they consider the family bond as the priority thing. A Filipina lady values family and her marriage as the most important thing.
  • Beauty and sex – This is the most important factor that international men fall on them. Filipino women are beautiful because of the mixing of the European (Spanish) blood with the Filipino. In terms of sex, each Filipina wife knows how to cheer you up by making you feel like “a new bride” every day.

Filipino Women (Filipinas) – Dating & Marriage With Western Men

Hi, I am Tony. I developed A free dating website to hook up Filipinas with men in the West for dating, relationship and marriage. I need to verify some terms to make sure you understand what I mean. Filipinas are women who live in the Philippines or simply women citizens of the Philippines. Men in the west are Western men, but Pinoys who are living in the West are still called Pinoys, they are, in my experience, never called Westerners or men from the West. They are simply called Fil-Ams (Filipino-Americans) for example.

Filipina lady and American men in the Philippines

Filipina lady and American men in the Philippines

Every year, thousands of single men from the West visit the Philippines to date or get married with Filipinas whom they already know through the online dating sites or introductions from families or friends. Single men go to the Philippines to get married with women is a long story. There is success and happiness but also failure and suffering. Let me list some details so that we can reflect together, whether or not it’s a wise choice to marry a Filipino woman and sponsor her to live abroad. I also like to say about what type of women you should choose if you want to sponsor her to the West.

You are so lucky to be a single man who lives in the West. It doesn’t matter whether you were born or naturalized citizen in the West, you are the dream of thousands of Filipnias who live in the Philippines. You know what I mean. Many of them dream to marry a foreign guy so they can come abroad to work and make money.

Filipino women are popular to Western men because they are stunning and beautiful. Their personality is outstanding. When you see a white man and an Filipino woman, what do you think? The question that comes to your mind would be how an Filipino woman attracts to a Western man that much.

Filipino women have outstanding personality that Western women don’t have. One of the personalities that are observed is the way they behave with their husband.

  • They cook meal daily.
  • They do the housework.
  • They take care of their children.
  • They do these errands with happiness.

The main reason that a Western man wants to marry a Filipino woman is the physical appearance and personality. They have shiny black hair, slender figures, and appealing eyes, which attract to men a lot. They put high value in their relationship and marriage. They are faithful with their husband. They don’t do anything to damage their marriage. A Filipina will stand by your side no matter what you do. She will help and support you. The way that she behaves plus the beautiful slender figure make her a complete model wife. Filipino women are good house workers. They manage and organize the household very well.

Filipinas in Manila street of Philippines

Filipinas in Manila street of Philippines

Generally speaking, here are 10 golden traits about Filipinas:

  1. She lets you take the lead of the family. You make decision because you are the head of the household.
  2. She is submissive. She listens to what you say no matter what.
  3.  In the morning when you wake up and climb out of bed, there is a cup of fresh coffee on the table. She stays there, chats with you and waits for you until you finish it.
  4. Some of them even put your clothes and bath tower in the bathroom when you take a bath every day.
  5.  She cooks delicious daily meals for you. After you finish eating, she washes the dishes.
  6. She is a good money handler. She will ask you every time she spends the money in the house.
  7.  She keeps herself in good shape even after she had babies.
  8. She does not go out with her friends without you.
  9.  She does not give you “cold shoulder” in the bedroom, even though sometimes she is not in a good mood.
  10. She is the fresh “new bride” in the bedroom every day.

In general, it’s hard for a man to recognize a woman who really loves him or just want a VISA to come to a Western country. Filipino women who live in the West are different from women who live in the Philippines. You need to pay attention to the way she talks to conclude whether or not she is reliable.

When dating or marrying Filipino women in the Philippines, you should carefully choose the gentle person who has good personality and beautiful physical appearance. There are many good women living in the Philippines. On website that I developed, most women are very decent and honest. If you like to interact with “instant noodles” type of woman, you should be careful. Good and decent women will not accept the liberal lifestyle like instant noodles style. They will choose a good man to get married with so it takes time get know each other. When you got her heart, she is yours forever. In other words, if a Filipina accepts you to be her husband, then you marry her for life.

Don’t date or marry a Filipina like your grand-child age

There are many older men who married a woman like 30 or even 40 years younger than they are. Most of such relationships will break up when they are in the West. Some men don’t care about that. If the marriage breaks up, then he will go back to the Philippines to marry another woman.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a rich or poor man, women will go around you and treat you like a king when you’re in the Philippines. You can pick the best one to date with. Your dollars value so big in the Philippines so you have many options to choose the dream woman. I suggest that you find a woman with good personality whom will grow old with you when she comes abroad.

Men in the West love Filipinas because of their physical appearance and personality. Most of women in the Philippines are sweet, lovely and young. They are in the age between 20 to 30 years old. They speak English very well. They love men in the West because they are treated with respects and good manner. However, most of Filipinas change when they come to the West because they learn the Western culture. But they still keep the traditional value like family oriented, submissive, gentle, and so on.

Nowadays, there are thousands of single men in the West get married with Filipinas every year. There are about 20% of unhappy couples which break up along the road. Many people say that, “Why did you go to the Philippines to marry her? She divorced you, see?”. In fact, many local couples in the West get divorced too. The divorce rate is even higher than 20%. So, it’s not about you get married with a Filipina and sponsor her to the West, she divorced you.

Young Filipinas and older men

If you have an opportunity to marry a young woman, then why not do it? You choose a good woman, I think your relationship works out just fine. Most of young Filipinas are seeking a husband in the West so they can live in the land of opportunities. You can find a woman who is younger than you 20 or 25 years old at ease in the country.

How to choose the right woman?

You should look at the woman in all parts, not a small part on her body. Some men are only interested in a small part of the woman and ignore the rest of her like the personality, traits, and so on, which is a mistake. You should rate a woman by her personality.

Women today have changed a lot in this modern age, especially when they go to developed countries to live for a while, they will become accustomed to Western culture. When you get acquainted with a Filipina, you have to think that she will change when living abroad. You need to adjust your own thinking and behavior to fit her or choose a woman that meets your standards of up to 150 percent. When living abroad for a few years, she will change about 50 percent to remain 100% that fit your standards.

Before deciding to search for a Filpino woman for marriage, you should think about what type of woman you like. You can search for many women at and contact them. Then, you select the best ones to chat with. You will need a few months to chat with her to make sure she is the best one. You can have a few women to meet in the Philippines to choose the the perfect life match.

Every man has his own type of woman he likes. In stead of listing what type of woman you should marry, I am going to  list 7 types of woman you should not get married with.

  1. The very jealous woman will make your life miserable and anxious. A very jealous woman may hurt you in your lifetime so try to stay away from them.
  2. The very wise woman will make you depressed because you became a weak man in her life. She has too much ambitious goals in mind so she will become bossy and a teacher in your life.
  3. The too dependent woman will rely on the money you bring home. She is not suitable for living abroad.
  4. The woman who cares too much for herself without thinking about you and your family. She will use your money to take care of herself without thinking how hard you work to make money.
  5. The too much materialistic woman usually asks about your occupation, what kind of car you are driving, how much money you have in the bank, do you have a house, and so on. This kind of woman can not be an ideal wife in a marital journey.
  6. The woman who tries to change you. Some women always find ways to change you to fit her needs. After getting married for some time, you feel that she really wants to change you to meet her life. You should marry a woman who is willing accept who you are, which is better.
  7. The talkative woman doesn’t want to do anything but prefer to talk to other people’s families and neighbors. She is ready to be a loudspeaker broadcaster of the news of everyone.

In general, you should choose a woman that suits your standards. Pay attention to her personality in stead of her physical appearance. When you get acquainted with a Filipino woman online, you don’t have much time to communicate with her. If you are an expat in the Philippines, then you have more time to hang out with her before marriage. If you decide to marry a Filipina and sponsor her to the West, then you should not marry her during the first trip. You should spend a few weeks there to know her and her family. Then, you can go back to your country and carefully think about whether or not she is a perfect match before coming back to get married.

I like to share this with you about cultural custom in the Phillipines. Most Filipinas think that marriage is the serious commitment in their life. If you are truly serious, then marry her and sponsor her to live abroad. However, I advise you not to marry a Filipina for just having sex and then run away. That’s not nice at all.

Again, I am Tony. I developed to hook up singles online and go further for marriage. If you are single and looking for a Filipina, then please sign up for a personal profile to get started. Thousands of single women in the Philippines are waiting to meet you online.

Good luck and have fun!

Why Did Foreign Men Choose Filipina Wives Over Their Own Ethnicity?

Foreign men marrying Filipina ladies is increasingly popular these days. Almost every foreign man who travels to the Philippines admitted that Filipino women are friendly, sexy and lovely. Many of these guys want to marry Filipinas. Why do Western men fall in love with these ladies?

Foreign men Filipino womenWhy makes a Filipina unique that foreign guys love about?

The appearance is the first thing that foreign men love about Filipino women. Most of them are skinny, thin and in small shape. Even they are married and have kids, they are still in good shape. In the West, most women after delivery are fat and obesed. These men don’t like to get married with such ladies so they go to the Philippines to marry skinny and small ladies. Filipinas are also good housewives and children babysitters. They are role home models.

Most long lasting relationships are based mostly on the lady. If she knows how to keep herself in a good shape, then she knows how to keep her man. Filipinas know how to be a good wife and treats her husband with respect and let him take a lead in a family.

Attraction is also important that make a foreign man fall in love with women in the Philippines. When you walk on the road of Manila or other adjacent cities, you will get the stares from slim, attractive and young ladies there. You will feel more confident in yourself even you had not spoken a word to any lady. Also, you will get all friendly smiles from all beautiful young women on the road. You know what? You will have a hard time to pick a Filipina lady to date with among many young, sexy and pretty ladies who have crush on you.

Filipino girls in the Philippines

Filipino girls in the Philippines

In the Western countries like US or Australia, most women initiate a divorce. Most of men are humiliated and sad after divorce. They want young and pretty babes after divorce. It is hard to find such a baby in America so many of these men travel to the Philippines to find a young and pretty babe. Filipinas are rated much better girlfriends and wives than American women. Foreign guys prefer nice, sweet and charming Filipina women over obesed American women.

The way they find Filipinas is the online dating site or other sites. They sign up a profile online and get acquainted with some Filipino ladies. After a few months of chatting to learn from them, they travel to the Philippines and have good time over there.

Filipina Women – Need To Know About Filipino Girls

Filipina Women are too popular on the world because of their physical and inner beauty in relationship and marriage. In this modern century, Filipino girls have registered their personals ads online at Philippines dating sites to look for local and foreign husbands.

What they are looking for is a lifetime partner who can share the joys and happiness for life. Since they are too popular to the world, thousands of Western men are interested in getting married with them. Every year, there are thousands of marriages created between Filipina girls and Western men as well as Filipino-Western guys. So, looking for love and relationship online has become the best way for women and men these days.

Filipina Women

Filipina Women

It is no doubt that many men around the world are pursuing a Filipino woman to get married with. What these men really want in a Filipina girl is the lifetime marriage. When you marry with a Philippine girl, she is yours forever. What you can expect from a Filipina wife is daily delicious meals, organized home, and wonder nights. She knows how to treat the man. You will feel like a new bride every night, trust me. Another benefit of these Philippines girls is that they desire to get married with honest men. They consider marriage is as a lifetime commitment. There is rarely a divorce between a Filipino wife and her husband. Getting married with a Filipina lady is the best. Most of them do speak and write English fluently.

Joining Filipino dating sites is the best method to find single Philippines women. You can find and interact with thousands of them for free. That’s right. At, there is never a charge for using the service for both women and men. Register for a personal ad is the first start. You can even upload your pictures to attract your profile. After your profile gets approved, you can interact with them by sending out an instant message.

So, are you single and lonely? Are one of the single Filipina Single Women or Western men? Please take action by joining totally free Philippines dating sites to find your second half. Good luck!

Filipina Women Dating Black Men

Filipina women dating black men is common in America and other Western countries. We have seen thousands of marriages created from a single Filipino woman with black man and they live happily ever after. Dating may be not a good meaning, marrying may be the best term because most of these couples are married. There are also Philippine brides come to USA by getting married with black American men. These guys sponsor their Filipino wives to America to live. So, mail order brides in Philippines happend alot lately. Many black single guys go online to find their woman. They chatted with each other online and then they like each other. They meet with each other in Manila, Philippines.

Filipino Ladies

Filipino Ladies

There are Filipina girls dating black guys in America too. You can see them on Filipino dating sites where they register their personals ads to look for love and romance online. This is the case when Philippines brides who register their profiles to find a husband in USA. The question need to be asked is, why these black men travel to Filipina to get married with their girls? As you know that every man likes to get married with a pretty woman, young and sexy. A single black man who is about 45 can get married with a 25 years old Filipino lady. It happens a lot lately on the Philippine dating services or Filipino mail order brides services. There are thousands of Filipino wives come to USA by getting married with black men.

Filipino ladies who want to come to America must register to the Philippines dating services and post their photos. The same rule applies to Black single guys who will create their personals ads to look for Filipino women. These dating websites have both people locally in Manila and Philippine singles who live in America or other Western countries to register with. Filipina women like to get married with black guys because they are treated in a better manner. Black guys consider their Filipino wife as a queen. This is great when a woman is treated with respect and all women love this. Anyway, you want to find a Filipino woman, then you have to register at free Philippines dating service.

Black men treat Filipina women in a good manner. They respect their Philippine wife. There are many Filipino wives who come to America by getting married with black men. The primary reason why Filipino girls like to get married with black males is the because they are treated in the best manner. Another reason is that Philippine women like to come to America to live because of the good future they will get in this wonderful country. Most young Philippines women are willing to accept an older foreign husband if they have a chance to come to the United States. For USA men who look for an Asian wife, you may consider looking at the Filipino women. Good luck in your search and have a nice day.

Mga Pilipina – Bakit laganap ang pakikipagkilala at pagpapakasal sa mga kalalakihan mula sa Kanluran?

Sa bawat taon, libo-libong mga binata mula sa Kanluran ang bumibisita sa Pilipinas para makipagkilala o magpakasal sa mga Pilipinang nakilala mula sa mga online dating sites o ‘di kaya naman ay ipinakilala sa kanila ng mga kapamilya o kaibigan. Ang kwento ng mga binatang pumupunta sa PIlipinas para magpakasal ay mahabang istorya. Mayroong kwento ng tagumpay at kaligayahan ngunit mayroon ding kabiguan at kahirapan. Hayaan niyo akong maglista ng ilang mga detalye na maari nating pagnilayan, kung maganda man o hindi ang desisyon na magpakasal sa isang Pilipina at itaguyod at isama siya sa ibang bansa. Gusto ko ring sabihin kung ano mga uri ng babae ang dapat mong piliin kung gusto mong isama at itaguyod patungong Kanluran.

Filipinas in Manila street of Philippines

Filipinas in Manila street of Philippines

Napakapalad mo para maging isang binatang nakatira sa Kanluran. Hindi mahalaga kung sa Kanluran ka ba talaga ipinanganak o isa kang naturalized na mamamayan, ikaw ang pangarap ng libo-libong mga Pilipina na nakatira sa Pilipinas. Marami sa kanila ang nangangarap na magpakasal sa isang banyaga upang makapag-abroad, magtrabaho at kumita ng pera.

Ang mga Pilipina ay kilala sa mga kalalakihan mula sa Kanluran dahil sila ay magaganda at kaibig-ibig. Ang kanilang ugali ay namumukod-tangi. Kung ikaw ay makakita ng isang puting lalaki at isang Pilipina, anong naiisip mo? Mapapaisip ka kung paano ang isang Pilipina ay ganoong kaakit-akit sa paningin ng mga lalaki mula sa Kanluran?

Ang mga Pilipina ay may bukod-tanging katauhan na wala ang mga kababaihang mula sa Kanluran. Isa sa mga ugaling ito ay kung papaano nila itrato ang kanilang mga asawa.

  • Sila ang nagluluto ng pagkain araw-araw
  • Sila ang gumagawa ng gawaing-bahay
  • Sila ang nag-aalaga sa mga bata.
  • Ginagawa nila ang lahat ng ito nang masaya.

Ang pinaka-dahilan kung bakit gusto ng mga kalalakihan mula sa Kanluran na magpakasal sa mga Pilipina ay dahil sa kanilang hitsura at personalidad. Makintab at maitim ang kanilang buhok, balingkinitan ang kanilang mga katawan, at nakakaakit ang kanilang mga mata, na bumubighani sa mga kalalakihan. Malaki ang pagpapahalaga nila sa kanilang mga relasyon at kasal. Tapat sila sa kanilang mga asawa. Hindi sila gumagawa ng anumang bagay na makasisira sa kanilang pagsasama sa kasal. Ang isang Pilipina ay nandiyan lamang sa iyong tabi anuman ang mangyari. Tutulungan at susuportahan ka niya. Ang kaniyang mga pagkilos kasama ang kaniyang magandang balingkinitang pigura ay patunay na siya ay isang modelo ng isang kumpletong asawa. Ang mga Pilipina ay magaling sa mga gawaing-bahay. Pinapangalagaan nila nang maayos ang mga tahanan.

Sa kabuuan, narito ang sampung ginintuang katangian ng mga Pilipina.

  • Hinahayaan ka niyang pamunuan ang inyong pamilya. Ikaw ang nagdedesisyon dahil ikaw ang namumuno sa inyong tahanan.
  • Siya ay mapagkumbaba. Makikinig siya sa’yo anuman ang mangyari.
  • Sa iyong pagbangon sa umaga, may naghihintay na mainit na kape sa inyong lamesa. Sasaluhan ka niya, makikipag-usap sa’yo, at hihintayin kang matapos.
  • Ang ilan sa kanila ay ipanghahanada ang iyong damit at tuwalya sa tuwing maliligo ka araw-araw.
  • Siya ay nagluluto ng masasarap na pagkain araw-araw. Matapos ito, huhugasan niya ang mga pinggan.
  • Siya ay magaling humawak ng pera. Siya ay magpapaalam sa tuwing gagastos ng pera sa inyong bahay.
  • Pinananatili niya ang magandang pigura matapos siyang magkaanak.
  • Siya ay hindi lumalabas kasama ang kanyang mga kaibigan nang wala ka.
  • Hindi ka niya pagkakaitan sa kwarto, kahit na wala siyang gana paminsan-minsan.
  • Siya ay ang ‘”bagong kasal’’ sa inyong kwarto araw-araw.

Sa pangkalahatan, mahirap para sa isang lalaki na malaman kung mahal ba talaga siya ng isang babae o gusto lang ba nito ng VISA para makapunta sa Kanlurang bansa. Ang mga Pilipinang nakatira sa Kanluran ay ibang-iba sa mga Pilipinang nakatira sa Pilipinas. Kailangan mong magbigay pansin sa kanyang pananalita upang malaman kung siya ba ay maasahan o hindi.

Filipina lady and American men in the Philippines

Filipina lady and American men in the Philippines

Sa pakikipagkilala o pagpapakasal sa mga Pilipina sa Pilipinas, dapat mong piliin mabuti ‘yung may mabuting pagkatao at magandang pisikal na katangian. Maraming mabubuting kababaihan na nakatira sa Pilipinas. Sa na aking ginawa, karamihan sa mga kababaihan ang maayos at tapat. Kung gusto mong makipag-ugnayan sa mga “instant noodles” na tipo nang kababaihan, dapat kang mag-ingat. Ang mga maayos at disenteng babae ay hindi tatanggap nang liberal na pamumuhay katulad ng instant noodles na paraan. Pipili sila ng isang mabuting lalaki para pakasalan at kikilalanin ang isa’t-isa. Kapag nabihag mo na ang puso niya, sa’yo na siya sa magpakailanman. Samakatuwid, kapag tinaggap ka ng isang Pilipina bilang kaniyang asawa, ang inyong kasal ay magpakailanman na.

Huwag kang magpapakasal sa isang Pilipina na nasa edad na parang apo mo na siya.

Mayroong mga nakatatandang kalalakihan na nagpakasal sa babaeng mas bata sa kanila ng 30 o 40 na taon. Marami sa kanila ang naghihiwalay din kapag nasa Kanluran na sila. May mga kalalakihan na wala namang pakialam sa ganito. Kapag ang kasal ay nauwi sa hiwalayan, babalik na lamang siya sa Pilipinas upang magpakasal muli sa isang Pilipina.

Hindi mahalaga kung mayaman ka o mahirap, papalibutan ka nang mga kababaihan at ituturing kang isang hari kapag ikaw ay nasa Pilipinas. Maari mong piliin kung kanino mo gusto makipagkilala. Ang halaga ng iyong dolyares ay napakalaki sa Pilipinas kaya marami kang pagpipilian para sa iyong pangarap na mapapangasawa. Humanap ka ng isang babae na may magandang ugali na makakasama mo sa iyong pagtanda kapag nagsama na kayo sa ibang bansa.

Gustong-gusto ng mga taga-Kanluran ang mga Pilipina dahil sa kanilang natatanging kagandahan at pagkatao. Karamihan ng mga kababaihan sa Pilipinas ay malambing, kaibig-ibig, at bata. Sila ay nasa edad 20 hanggang 30 at nakakapag-ingles sila nang mahusay. Mahal nila ang mga lalaki mula sa Kanluran dahil sila ay tinatrato na may respeto at magandang asal. Subalit, maraming mga Pilipina ang nagbabago kapag nakarating na sila sa Kanluran at natutunan ang kultura nito, ngunit nananatili pa rin ang kanilang tradisyunal na ugali katulad ng pagiging mapagmahal sa pamilya, mapagkumbaba, malambing, at iba pa.

Bawat taon, maraming mga binata mula sa Kanluran ang nagpapakasal sa mga Pilipina. Mayroong mga dalawampung porsyento na hindi masayang mag-asawa ang naghihiwalay kinalaunan. Maraming nagsasabi na “Bakit ka nagpunta sa Pilipinas para pakasalan siya? ‘Kita mo, nakipaghiwalay din?” Sa katunayan, maraming mga lokal na residente sa Kanluran ang naghihiwalay din, mas mataas pa nga ito sa dalawampung porsyento. Kaya naman, hindi ito dahil nagpakasal ka sa isang Pilipina at dinala siya sa Kanluran, siya ay nakipaghiwalay sa’yo.

Mga Batang Pilipina at matatandang kalalakihan

Kung ikaw ay may pagkakataon na magpakasal sa isang mas batang babae, bakit hindi mo gagawin? Pumili ka ng isang mabuting babae, at sa tingin ko magiging maayos ang inyong pagsasama. Karamihan sa mga batang Pilipina ang naghahanap ng mapapangasawa sa Kanluran upang makatira sila sa lupain na maraming oportunidad. Madali kang makakahanap ng babae na mas bata sa’yo ng mga 20 hanggang 25 na taon sa Pilipinas.

Paano mo pipiliin ang nararapat na babae?

Dapat mong tingnan ang babae sa lahat ng aspeto, at hindi lamang sa isang maliit na parte ng kanyang katawan. Marami sa mga kalalakihan ang ganito ang pagtingin, interesado lamang sila sa maliit na parte ng katawan ng babae at hindi na papansinin ang kanyang pagkatao katulad ng kaniyang ugali, katangian, at iba pa, na isang pagkakamali. Dapat mong pahalagahan ang isang babae ayon sa kaniyang pagkatao.

Marami sa mga kababaihan ay malaki ang ipinagbago sa modernong panahon ngayon, lalo na kapag pumupunta sila sa mga mauunlad na bansa upang sandaling manirahan, sila ay masasanay na sa Kulturang-Kanluran. Kapag ikaw ay nakakilala ng isang Pilipina, maiisip mo na siya ay magbabago kapag nanirahan na siya sa ibang bansa. Kailangan mong iayon ang sarili mong pag-iisip at pagkilos na naayon sa kaniya o pumili ka ng isang babae na higit isang-daang porsyento na mas mataas sa pamantayan mo. Sa pagtira sa ibang bansa sa loob ng ilang taon, babaguhin niya ang limampung porsyento upang manatiling isang-daang porsyente na pasok sa iyong pamantayan.

Bago magdesisyon na maghanap ng isang Pilipina, dapat mo munang isipin kung ano ang tipo ng babae na iyong gusto. Maari kang maghanap ng maraming kababaihan sa at makipag-ugnayan sa kanila. Sunod ay piliin ang pinaka-nararapat para sa iyo. Kakailanganin mo ng mga ilang buwan para makipag-usap sa kaniya para siguraduhing siya na ang pinaka-nararapat. Maari kang makipagkita sa ilang babae sa Pilipinas para piliin ang nararapat na kasama sa habang-buhay.

Bawat kalalakihan ay may ninanais na kaniyang tipo ng babae. Sa halip na maglista ng mga tipo ng kababaihan ang dapat mong pakasalan, ililista ko ang mga tipo ng kababaihan na hindi mo dapat pakasalan.

  • Yung babaeng sobrang selosa na gagawing miserable ang iyong buhay. Ang isang labis na selosang babae ay maari kang saktan kaya’t subukang umiwas sa katulad nila.
  • Ang napakatalinong babae ay gagawin kang malungkot dahil naging mahina kang lalaki sa kanyang buhay. Siya ay masyadong maraming hangarin at dahill doon ay magiging palautos at siya’y magiging isang guro sa iyong buhay.
  • Ang babaeng nakadepende ay umaasa na ikaw ang magdala ng pera sa inyong bahay, hindi siya angkop sa pamumuhay sa ibang bansa.
  • Ang babaeng sobrang mapagpahalaga sa sarili at hindi ka iniintindi at ang iyong pamilya. Gagamitin niya ang pera mo nang hindi iniisip kung gaano mo pinaghirapan ang kinikita mo.
  • Ang babaeng masyadong mapagpahalaga sa mga materyal na bagay ay madalas na nagtatanong sa iyong trabaho, anong sasakyan ang minamaheho mo, gaano karami ang laman ng bangko mo, kung may bahay ka ba, at iba pa. Hindi angkop ang ganitong babae para sa landas ng kasalan.
  • Ang babae na gusto kang baguhin. May mga kababaihan na gusto kang baguhin ayon sa kanilang pangangailangan. Matapos ang inyong kasal sa ilang panahon, mararamdaman mo na gusto ka talaga niyang baguhin ayon sa kaniyang pamumuhay. Dapat mong pakasalan ang isang babae na handa kang tanggapin kung sino ka.
  • Ang babaeng madaldal na walang ibang gustong gawin kung hindi pag-usapan ang pamilya at kapitbahay ng ibang tao. Siya ay handa na maging tagapagbalita para sa lahat.

Sa pangkalahatan, dapat mong piliin ang babae na pasok sa iyong pamantayan. Bigyang atensyon ang kaniyang personalidad at hindi ang kaniyang panlabas na anyo. Kapag ikaw ay nakakilala ng isang Pilipina online, wala ka gaanong oras para makipag-usap sa kanya. Kung ikaw ay isang expat sa Pilipinas, mayroon kang pagkakataon upang maglaan ng oras para sa kanya bago ang kasal. Kung gusto mong magpakasal ng Pilipna at dalhin siya sa Kanluran, dapat hindi mo muna siya pakasalan sa unang punta ninyo. Maglaan ka muna ng oras kasama siya at kaniyang pamilya upang makilala mo silang mabuti. Sa gayon, maari ka nang bumalik sa inyong bansa at pag-isipang mabuti kung siya na ba o hindi ang nararapat sa’yo bago ka bumalik at magpakasal.

Gusto kong ibahagi sa inyo ang kultura sa Pilipinas. Iniisip ng maraming Pilipina na ang kasal ay isang seryosong bagay sa kanilang buhay. Kung seryoso ka talaga, pakasalan mo siya at dalhin sa ibang bansa. Subalit, huwag kang magpapakasal sa isang Pilipina para lamang sa pakikipagtalik at bigla lamang aalis. Hindi magandang bagay iyon.

Muli, ako si Tony. Ginawa ko ang upang makipagkilala ang mga walang asawa tungo sa pagpapakasal. Kung ikaw ay binata at naghahanap ng isang Pilipina, sumali na para gawin ang iyong personal profile upang makapagsimula. Libo-libong mga Pilipina ang naghihintay sa’yo online.

Pagbati at magpakasaya!

Who Wants Dating & Marrying a Filipino Woman, Read Here

From courting to love to marriage with a Filipino woman is long process that men must be patient to succeed. If you are a man who pursues a dream of dating or marrying a Filipino wife, then please post your comments below. You can have a link to your profile at our online dating site if you have one. I don’t give too much compliments about them but only the truth.

Why are they falling for foreign men?

Filipino women & foreign men

Filipino women & foreign men (Picture from Tropicalmba)

There are many reasons that they fall for foreign men. Many men thinks that Filipino ladies love foreign men just because of money. This is a myth or it is only applied to some women in the Philippines. A Filipina lady loves her husband more than anything else in the world. Money is just a bonus in love. Even though they work for small money, they don’t consider it as the utmost important thing in choosing her life mate.

What women in the Philippines fall on foreign men is the good personality and characteristics. They want a man who treats his wife with respect and are responsible with his family. There are many good local men in this country too but most of them gather with friends after work for drinking. They are not responsible for family. Foreign men work hard and they get home with their family after work. Just imagine one situation, you are a person who get home right away after work to cook and take care of your kids while your husband hangs out with his friends for drinking and come home by 9 or 10 PM. Most Filipino wives don’t like about this. They want a man who considers his family the utmost important thing in life.

Why do foreign men fall on Philippine women?

Beautiful & sexy

Filipino women are beautiful and sexy even after they have babies. They have unique Asian beauties so no wonder why many men are dreaming them today. There are other Asian women out there but Filipina ladies are chosen the most by men, Asian men and Western men.

Beautiful Filipino girlsBeautiful Filipino girls (Picture from myblueheart)

Extraordinary characteristics

Women in the Philippines consider marriage as the lifelong commitment. They are careful in choosing a life partner. They are happy to serve their counterpart and kids. They also serve their husband’s parents, especially elders. They think that’s their responsibility to do so. They are master of being a wife and mother role. However, don’t think they are a maid, which is touching their self esteem. They are happy to serve you, your children and parents. Filipina girls are family oriented.

Generosity, Tolerance & Gratitude

Sometimes they give too much for others but don’t get back. They just want to help people without expecting to get in return. The tolerance is a great characteristic that helps them to build and maintain a relationship lifelong. There are ups and downs in marriage relationship but Filipino ladies are tolerable for their husbands to keep the marriage going. Plus, their gratitude helps the great part of their foundation in life.

There are other beautiful traits about Filipino women that I wrote from other articles, you can read to learn more about them.

If you are one of single men seeking Filipino women, or ladies in the Philippines finding online men, then post your comments below by writing about your personal information such as location, age, career, height, weight, education, religion, email address, a profile link if you have one at

How can I meet American men who are looking to marry Filipino women?

Getting married with single American men is popular nowadays but how and where to find them is a question here. The Philippines or Asian dating services are the solution to find single men in America.

Filipino girls

Filipino girls

You need to search for them through these web sites and contact them. You can wait for them to contact you, certainly. There are many American men looking to marry Filipina ladies. American men are defined as either naturalized Filipino Americans or native Americans.

There are many Filipino girls who are intelligent, beautiful and educated looking for American husband. If you are one of these, then you should learn how to get a man marry you. American men are not the same as Filipino men as you have seen in the Philippines. They are friendly, loyal and straight. They are looking to marry Filipina lady because they love your beautiful, small, skinny, appealing and sexy body with simple personality and low requirements as a husband.

“Don’t be a golddigger” is the first thing you need to remember if you want a long term marriage. This is the truth. You should not ask for money from him. He can give you money but he may not marry you. If you want to have a short-term relationship, then pay for what you get. The girl that he selects for marriage must be a good person. So, prove to him that you are the best person in his heart.

American men love Filipinas because you guys are appealing, friendly, beautiful, submissive and strong in sex. So, after you know him through an online dating site, chat with him and meet him in the Philippines, you have to make him think you are the best. For those who are still virgin, you must give it to him. Don’t save it for marriage because he won’t marry you if he does not have sex with you. If you are not virgin, then it is easier for you to make love with him. Try to make it the best you can.

Many single men in the United States think that you guys don’t love your man, but you just want to come to this great country when you marry him. They will ask themselves why a Filipina lady will leave her country and marry an unknown man. It is not love but on purpose. You have to prove to him that you love him by heart so he can marry you and bring you to America.

Another important point about the differences between the Philippines and American cultures. Filipino ladies like to work things out rather than find a new relationship at the first sign of trouble. This is your strong point of view so make sure you keep this in mind. American men love about this characteristic about Filipino ladies.

Don’t let him disrespect you by getting involved in money related issues. If you come from financially disadvantaged families that you need money, then you must talk to him clearly about that. You can take him to visit your parents and siblings so he can understand. Let him decide what he can help. But again, don’t be a golddigger in any case.

How can you find an American man who is looking to marry Filipino ladies?

You can go to the Filipino internet dating agencies or other sites to find him. Just sign up for a profile and write as detailed as possible about your profile. You can either search for him and contact him or wait for him to contact you first. You should contact with some men and choose the best one to continue the online dating and go from there.

So, online dating sites are the solution to meet American men who are looking to marry Filipino women.

Why do single Filipino ladies prefer Western husbands?

There are a lot of reasons why Filipino ladies love Western men. You might have seen many inter-racial marriages between Western husbands and Filipina women. There are a number of reasons why these single Filipino girls are attracted to men in the West.

Filipino women Western men

Filipino women Western men

Western men pay attention to their wives. Most women love men who care about them. Filipino men usually don’t pay enough attention to their wives after marriage. They don’t even care about what their wives look. This is bad, really. Filipina ladies love Western men because they are treated with respect and full care.

Another reason is that Western guys are more reliable and faithful to their wives. They are popular about this trait. Many men in the Philippines don’t make love with their wives but use prostitutes to satisfy their needs. As a result, these Filipino wives feel empty, insecure, worthless and worried about their family. Western guys don’t do that but care a lot about their women. They care and treat women with honesty and respect.

When Filipino men achieved some business success in life, they usually find a mistress and forgot about their wives. At this time, these wives have children, old, not in a good shape, they are ignored by their husbands. These men go out to find young girls and take care for them. As a result, the wife who sits at home, taking care of the kids, feel sad and lonely. She is being treated as a maid. This turns out that most of Filipino women are scared of local men in the Philippines. So, many of single women in this country look for oversea men.

In the Philippines, life is tough because there is no social security or welfare system as in the West. Many of Filipino women want to find Western husbands so they can have a better future. They can work in a great country to make more money so they can help their parents and siblings back home. Only Western men can help them fulfill their dream. So, this is another reason that single ladies in the Philippines look for Western husbands.

Another special trait about Western men is that they are interested in sharing errands and take care of children. Men in the West are willing to wash the dish, clean the house, babysit their kids and share the errands with their wife while Filipino men don’t. That’s right. Most women love their husbands to help them do such tasks in the house.

There are many other reasons why Filipino women love Western men, not only financial security but also the way they treat their wives, which is better than local men in the Philippines.

If you are in search for a Western man or a Filipina lady, then I urge you go to free dating service to sign up a profile and search for your perfect life partner today.

Pros & Cons For Marrying Philippine Ladies

Marry Philippine ladies

Marrying Philippine ladies has become a well-known phenomenon in the last few years. There are thousands of marriages from Filipina girls with Western men every year. This article will let you know some pros and cons of getting a Philippine wife.

Marry Philippine ladies

Marry Philippine ladies

I have to tell you one truth about this. A Filipina lady accepts to marry with an older husband for 15, 20, 25 years or even older. You are wondering why they are willing to do so. Are they happy? There are a continued growth of these single women in the Philippines sign up online to find oversea husbands. As a Western man who plans to find a foreign wife, you are wondering of many things. I understand your doubt. Are they going for a divorce after they became permanent residents in the new country? Some do and some don’t.

Good life is the main reason that ladies from Philippine choose to marry Western men. However, it is not about they marry for money. No, that’s not true. They are not looking for rich guys. In fact, most Western men who marry these ladies are not rich at all. If they are wealthy, they won’t go to find foreign girls, you know? Anyway, Filipina girls want to come to a rich country such as America, Canada, Australia etc so they can work and make money.

They don’t care how poor you are because in fact they don’t want your money. They want your love and the way to work in the land of opportunities (Filipino people dream about this). They are good people. After they come to the West, they also help their relatives. This is why you have to accept it. However, they don’t need your money to support their family. They are the ones who can work and support for their relatives.

Philippine women are attracted to Western guys. They can adapt to any situation. Dating and marrying a Westerner is a dream of every young Filipina single girl when she grows up. So, you can see what some pros and cons are from this article.